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Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy, ooh and it's spring

Ooh, spring is here in Florida. Well, kind of! Today was cold and tonight is colder but then a gradual warm up is on it's way. Anyway, everything outside is starting to show the natural signs of the spring.

I'm in the middle of bloggers block. There's a lot of things I think of during the day that would possibly make a good post. Then I re-think and decide not to. I haven't had time to take pictures, so that's another thing.

I do know that hubby has his heart set on a MAJOR spring outside project. It's going to take a lot of hard work from all three of us. We have a pool in the backyard and have never had a patio leading right up to it. Just a makeshift walkway from a smaller patio. So, that's hubby's game plan for spring. He wants a large patio from the corner of the house to the pool. And, we are a DIY family so I guess that means we'll personally get it all ready before ordering the cement. This was supposed to happen last year but we were saving for a down payment on him a new truck. So now we're saving for it this year, real soon!

I did put in my little itty bitty request, and that's for him to finally close in my back porch like he's always said he'll do "one day"! Do you have a lot of "one day" things around your home?

It's almost impossible to find pictures on the web of plain inexpensive patios. Everything today is fancy with pavers and stamping. I've been looking though. NONE of these pictures are of my house, just ideas.

We've discussed and all agree that we do want a fire pit. A built in fire pit, and here are two examples.

I like that this patio below is not just square and boring. Ours will not be pavers, but I'd like some curves if possible.

The way he has it planned, it's going to have to be big to reach all the way to the pool. Hey, that much less grass I have to mow. I always use the push mower in the backyard area and close to the house because of my clothesline and the pool. One MAJOR thing that I'm worried about is heat too. I might just have to wait on closing in the back porch so we can at least cover part of the patio with an awning. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, ugh! That reminds me, I need to see if my taxes are ready to send off.

See y'all later. Busy busy Lillie Mae has got to get to bed! I'll be digging and leveling dirt when hubby starts on this, unless I can say I'm allergic to dirt!


  1. Lots going on at your place:) I love the built in firepits and can't wait to see the patio to the pool, how exciting :-D

  2. Hi Denise ~
    That will be wonderful to get your porch enclosed and a bigger patio with a fire pit ! Your hubby is so good at projects and it will be gorgeous when he's all finished with it! Enjoy your nice spring weather and I'm looking forward to your next posts : )
    luvs & hugs

  3. Oh, Lillie Mae, I'm SO excited about your hubby's plan for your new patio to go to the pool! It will be a lot of work...but when it is all finished and you are able to enjoy it as a family it will be so rewarding to sit back and say, "we did this!" Looking forward to pics of the completed project.

  4. I love those fire pits that you posted! I would really like one for our cabin!

  5. Oh, having a fire pit would be wonderful. We have a list of *one day* projects. It's nice to be able to tick off one or two of them :)


    P.S. Be sure to pop over and get in for my 100th post giveaway :)


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