Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prim Shelf Makeover

I have to be careful when I think about painting a piece of wood furniture or decor because wood is so beautiful when it is stained. My hubby being the craftsman/carpenter that he is, he prefers almost anything wood to be stained, enhancing it's grain and beauty.

As I've said many times, our home is a home filled with a lifetime of memories and cherished heirlooms for all three of us. That's because I'm real careful not to leave my hubby's and son's likes and desires out when decorating. This is OUR home, not just mine. We're a family and although we all three love a lot of the same things, we also differ in some ways. We do all love the primitive farmhouse look and feel because it's so comfortable, but we also love a lodge and cabin feel. A love of western and hunting items are also mingled in. There's a little bit of each of us all throughout the house, every room. Every piece of furniture can't be painted and distressed like I see in all the primitive catalogs, I myself don't even like that much paint. I could NEVER take a nice piece of furniture and paint it if it was already stained pretty.

That brings me to this shelf. Do you remember the old Home Interior home parties from the 80's? My whole home was decorated in just about all Home Interior products. Every room had at least one wall grouping that included a shelf and sconces. Those were the days! That company made a lot of money off of Lilly Mae, I'm telling you! Well that was years ago, and I've weeded through and changed decor so many times. Most of the Home Interior items are either gone or packed away. I guess my all time favorite H.I. piece they ever sold was the cloakroom shelf. This was probably their most popular shelf for a long time.

I ended up with three of these beauties throughout my home. In the past several years, they've just been packed up, until I decided I needed a black shelf to complete a new wall grouping the other day. I remembered these, so I took one apart and painted it yesterday. I love the outcome. If we hang on to our favorite things we can always think of other ways to use them. I love the way it turned out, just what I wanted and needed.

Now for another project that's not under way yet and not one that I can just take on and do myself. This is going to take the talent, skills, and know how of that sweet hubby of mine! We have always planned on him making us a beautiful long farmhouse harvest table for the kitchen one day. The picture below is what I want. I found this online and have kept it for him to go by. We need our table to be 38" X 7'. Then we will purchase 5 beautiful black chairs and he will make a bench that looks just like the table. Total seating will be for eight. I can't wait because now he says he has someone that wants to buy my current table and chairs now. The bad part is we won't have a table and chairs for however long it takes him to build our new one. We've got to decide what to do!

Isn't this table pretty? I can just picture it in my kitchen with the other pieces sitting around it! One day, I keep telling myself!

Here are a few other pictures of tables that I found. The basic style is the same, so my table will be very simular. Of course I'll love and cherish mine because Wayne and Matthew will build it with love and care. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Florida Strawberry Season is here!

YUMMY Florida strawberries are almost ready for pickin'. I already know I don't plan on making jam and preserves this year out of them but I do want to go pick a few to eat however we desire and to freeze whole or halved. I need to mention this to my mom and see when she wants to go pickin'.
The red and white checks are floating all around my kitchen on dish towels and the window valance. The towels are being used in different ways to decorate with and being paired up with a small sunflower here and there. I don't claim to have one certain color, just a farmhouse theme going on but I sure do love those ginghams. I always have! Matthew's baby nursery was yellow and white gingham. I had to make almost all of the crib bedding decor and curtains because it wasn't in style in 1994. Gingham is ALWAYS in style to me.

Back to Florida Strawberries, usually the local u-pick farm is advertising by this part of March so that makes me think that I'd better do some checking around. Like I said, I'm not interested in making jams and preserves this year, but I do need and want me some for freezing. I would just love to drag down that lonely ice cream maker that hasn't been used in a couple of years and make some vanilla ice cream to put a few on top of. Ooh, a strawberry shortcake ALWAYS sounds yummy! Florida had a pretty COLD winter so that may be why I haven't heard of the farm being open for business yet. I sure hope I can find somewhere to go and pick some, and I hope they're as plump, sweet, and juicy as usual.

That hard workin' sweet ole' hubby of mine told me last weekend that we'd go to the flea market and antique malls this Saturday. I did tell him this evening that I wouldn't hold him to it if he had stuff around the yard that he'd rather do. We can go in a couple of weekends instead. All last weekend and all week so far I've enjoyed the three of us taking advantage of this beautiful weather. I'm spring cleaning in the mornings then going out and spring cleaning the yards. When hubby rolls through the gate from work, he joins in. I need to take a picture of the inside of our barn. Matthew has spent the last two days giving it a total clean out and reorganization! It looks terrific! We have to get a fresh load of wood chips for the floor.

I hope you get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegies that will be in season around you soon. We'll be planting the spring garden real soon, so I had better find time to go through my freezers and see if I can't make a little room. I think we need a brand new batch of chickens because these old things we have have stopped laying. There's ALWAYS a bunch to do, but I guess that's what keeps us young!

See ya'll later. Get out there and enjoy the beginnings of spring when it arrives at your back door! I know for a lot of you, it's still too cold. Just think though, those of us that get spring early also usually suffer with extreme high temps in the summer! Not lookin' forward to that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Giveaway over at Faithfulness Farm

Please join my friend over at Faithfulness Farm in celebration of her 100th posting. She's having a wonderful giveaway and wants everyone to join in on the fun! Hop on over and take a look, make sure to leave a comment to be registered for these wonderful items.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy, ooh and it's spring

Ooh, spring is here in Florida. Well, kind of! Today was cold and tonight is colder but then a gradual warm up is on it's way. Anyway, everything outside is starting to show the natural signs of the spring.

I'm in the middle of bloggers block. There's a lot of things I think of during the day that would possibly make a good post. Then I re-think and decide not to. I haven't had time to take pictures, so that's another thing.

I do know that hubby has his heart set on a MAJOR spring outside project. It's going to take a lot of hard work from all three of us. We have a pool in the backyard and have never had a patio leading right up to it. Just a makeshift walkway from a smaller patio. So, that's hubby's game plan for spring. He wants a large patio from the corner of the house to the pool. And, we are a DIY family so I guess that means we'll personally get it all ready before ordering the cement. This was supposed to happen last year but we were saving for a down payment on him a new truck. So now we're saving for it this year, real soon!

I did put in my little itty bitty request, and that's for him to finally close in my back porch like he's always said he'll do "one day"! Do you have a lot of "one day" things around your home?

It's almost impossible to find pictures on the web of plain inexpensive patios. Everything today is fancy with pavers and stamping. I've been looking though. NONE of these pictures are of my house, just ideas.

We've discussed and all agree that we do want a fire pit. A built in fire pit, and here are two examples.

I like that this patio below is not just square and boring. Ours will not be pavers, but I'd like some curves if possible.

The way he has it planned, it's going to have to be big to reach all the way to the pool. Hey, that much less grass I have to mow. I always use the push mower in the backyard area and close to the house because of my clothesline and the pool. One MAJOR thing that I'm worried about is heat too. I might just have to wait on closing in the back porch so we can at least cover part of the patio with an awning. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, ugh! That reminds me, I need to see if my taxes are ready to send off.

See y'all later. Busy busy Lillie Mae has got to get to bed! I'll be digging and leveling dirt when hubby starts on this, unless I can say I'm allergic to dirt!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Trying to STOP spam

Hey there. Well, I noticed a SPAM comment, so I'm trying to stop that right away. I've gone ahead and turned on verification and moderation. I know it's kind of annoying to all of us faithful bloggers but whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Humble Expert Opinions Please

Lillie Mae is calling for all her primitive decorator friend's humble expert primitive opinions. That was a mouthful!

Sit down, ponder through my problem with me and give me some advice.

Do you think I'm on my way to a finished spring look around the fireplace? Now keep in mind that I haven't cleaned the soot off of it or from inside it yet. I know we'll have a few more real cold nights before or around Easter. Keeping everything as primitive as possible, did the pretty sunflowers brighten things up just enough?

This ladder has not stood here long, it was winter when I did this. It's really a quilt ladder made by my sweet talented hubby. It has helped me display family heirloom quilts for years, so I decided it could help display Matthew's childhood boots and red long handles for awhile. The questions is, is it too wintery? Now that I'm sprucing things up for spring, do the long handles need to go back in the cedar chest?

Ok, I'm counting on some good advice from all you wonderful ladies. There are a few other little areas throughout that I may need help with soon. Things are moving kind of slow around here because I'm in the city almost everyday taking care of business these days. Cleaning up and redecorating is very therapeutic to me, if I can enjoy it and do it at my own pace.

I can't wait to read your input so I can move on to other areas and spruce them up a bit. Have a blessed evening and week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here It Comes

Lillie Mae Acres is a mess. Here it comes, spring is definitely on it's way here in northern Florida and there's still so much to do. I've been neglecting this place around here for too long. The inside and the outside. Actually all three of us have been neglectful, and now we're gonna make sure Lillie Mae Acres gets all the attention she needs. I don't want the beautiful green grass popping up and seeing the dirty front porch, gross looking pool in the backyard, and the unkempt garden area. I want the first fragile blades of spring grass to pop through and look around and enjoy their surroundings.

Let's see, I've already started spring cleaning this ole' farmhouse. The kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, and hallway linen closet have all been made ready. The living room and my dressing room/closet is a total disaster. The laundry room can't even be spoken of without shame.

And that's just the inside still to do! Ugh, I'm even more ashamed of the outside. Don't y'all worry though, we're gonna get right on it and not stop until we are finished and ready to host the first family gathering of spring. I had actually thought about a family gathering to close out winter but it seems too dreary sounding. There's been enough dreariness around here and I'm trying to cheer things and people up a little. My dad loved to laugh and tell funny stories, so the dreariness has got to be put on the back burner and the cheeriness on the front.

I'm also anxious to sit down one evening real soon and catch up on your blogs. I need some tips and ideas for freshening up a few areas of this ole' house. As always, I have some ideas rolling through my head. One BIG idea that is always in my head and has been for a long time now is for hubby to build me a long farmhouse harvest table for the kitchen. Bless his heart, he wants to do it but it will take a lot of time and energy. He'll surprise me one day though.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and have a blessed day. Come back soon, and remember to use the backdoor because that's where all my friends enter.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers, thoughts, and support throughout the recent death of my dad. Life goes on and we have our cherished memories. Heaven awaits!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Strength From Above

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, with which I'll never part. God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart.


I received my dad's cremains today. I've sat and held them while praying and crying. I'm sure I'll do that again and again. Although my heart misses him now and will forever, he's in Heaven and in the arms of God. He is happy, healthy, and whole. I'm so thankful that I serve a loving merciful God and I know where I want to spend eternity. I can only imagine the beauty and peacefulness!

Thank you again for all the prayers and thoughts. My sister and I, the grandchildren and our husbands are all going to be just fine. Easier days are ahead.