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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sneaky Lit'l Nooks Hiding the Pretty Stuff

If you came to sit a spell and visit me here on Lillie Mae Acres, you'd probably come and go without ever seeing these pretty items tucked away in little nooks and crannies. They aren't really out in the open as part of a theme or dacor. They are just pieces that were handed down or given as gifts, and each one too special to just pack away.

There is nothing fancy about our home. It is mainly decorated in a mixture of primitive, farmhouse, and lodge or cabin. That's what we love and makes us comfortable. The items in these pictures aren't what you would really expect to be blended in with rustic furnishing, that's why I don't try to decorate with them.

I was doing some heavy duty dusting yesterday and thought to myself that I should share these with you. I have a curio cabinet with glass doorfronts attached to each side of my beautiful wooden linen closet. The hallway is dark; therefore, whatever is in the curio cabinets doesn't really get noticed. That's fine with me, it just means I don't have to dust inside them as often, hehe.

Above, the small blue candy dish is one of the last Christmas gifts my grandmother gave me. The bronze candy dish was a present to my parents in the 70's from an aunt and uncle. You see why I just can't pack these items away?

Above, I don't really like the milk glass look, but these are a few of the pieces that I do have.

Above, the beautiful frosted blue ginger jar was the very first piece of Home Interiors that I ever purchased for myself. The blue footed fruit bowl was a wedding gift to my parents in 1960, and the old liberty bell bank holds special pennies.

Above, these little shelves hang in a corner of our bedroom. It always irritates me that the shelves don't match my bedroom furniture but for lack of another place to put them, they ended up there. I love the items on them, so they stay! The little birdhouse is just one of the precious items I just won from Jackie's Journey in her givaway.

The pig collection above is more Wayne's doings than mine. For some reason, he started me a collection of pigs (I never said a thing about it???), and finally he stopped. That's why these lit'l piggies are out and not in storage. They're cute I guess, but sure do collect dust!

And finally, my beautiful tea set. Every little girl has to have a china tea set. My teapot winds up and plays music. When Matthew was a baby, I let him drink something out of a teacup and he broke it. A broken teacup created a memory to talk about in my later years while having a tea party with a granddaughter perhaps!

I have so many other items tucked here and there that don't belong, yet they do! I guess everyone's home is filled with such. In the last few years I have been sharing a few things with others. Why not slowly pass things on as time marches on like they were passed on to me? Some things, if taken care of can live forever!

I have a lot more heavy duty dusting to do around here, so that's it for now. No telling what the next posting will be about, whatever brings a smile to my face and has a story behind it I guess!


  1. Lillie Mae, I loved all of your beautiful treasures, and I can definately understand why you feel you can't put any of them away.. I feel the same way about some of my items too! But, I've got to get some of my antique dishes out that belonged to my Mom. They have been stored in the mastercloset for about 8 years or so.. My hubby bought me a couple of china cabinets right before Christmas and now, I'd be able to have a safe place to display them in. Any shelf space I now have is already being taken up with some other memorable items that I like to have out..
    Seems like there just isn't enough space in our small home for me to display all the items that I'd love to have out. I keep telling my hubby that we really NEED to find us a larger home somewhere out in the country!! He's a hard person to persuade!!

    Have a great weekend, and I love your blog!


  2. What a lovely stash of treasures you have tucked away!

  3. That blue candy dish DOES look just like my pink one only its blue!
    Thanks for your sweet comment and I truly enjoyed looking at your blog this morning. I love all your pretty treasures!

  4. I literally lol when I saw your pigs. I have the same collection. Piggsville! My hubby is also the one who started collecting them "for me" because I liked pigs. I do have mine put away though. I even blogged about them a while back. They actually are very cute!
    Enjoy your day!


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