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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Finding The Good Stuff Here Lately

Don't you just love thrift store shopping? I love them, and a good flea market. Hubby and I have to take a road trip these days to get to either. The city that I do my weekly shopping and banking in has several Goodwills, but here lately I can't find anything in any of them. They also have a little Salvation Army thrift store, but I haven't found any good treasures in there lately either. Oh well, I'm not giving up.

I sure do enjoy looking at the wonderful thrift store finds all of you have been posting. You all have been finding some wonderful pieces to decorate your homes with. In the past, I've found a lot of good stuff too. I'm looking forward to me and hubby being able to take a Saturday real soon and just ride. There's a flea market in Alabama that we just love, then we drive on a little further and eat breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. They also have a few antique stores that we stop off at to plunder. He doesn't know it yet, but the next time we set out on one of those Saturdays, we're also gonna look for all the Goodwills we can find.

My sweet hubby and son mounted the tv on the wall tonight in the living room instead of going out Bluegrassin'. Usually on Monday nights, they're at a little pickin' place called The Barn. I go with them sometimes because Matthew picks the banjo there and I love watching him. The music is mainly gospel bluegrass, but there's a few country ones scattered in. It's open mic, so anyone can play and sing if they get there in time to get their name on the list.

Anyway, now that the tv is hung, I'll be deep cleaning the living room and wanting to rearrange the things sitting around. That's why I was thinking about the thrift stores. The household decorations is the reason I go in them and plunder. I just wish the ones close by had better stuff.

Isn't the sign above funny? If you look real close, it looks like a Goodwill store.

Well, it's getting late around here and I want to get up early and clean and rearrange the living room a little in the morning. I hope you all have a wonderful week and if you go thrift store plundering, ENJOY!


  1. Our local goodwills and salvation army have been the pits lately, the shelves are almost BARE! I'm wondering if donations are down or are more folks shopping there due to this sickening economy. I love your new header, so cheerful and welcoming:)

  2. Thank you Carmen. There's a ton of clothes in these stores but I have noticed like you that the houseware shelves are almost bare. It's still fun and worth stopping in ever now and then to look just in case!


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