Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Blinked and They GReW Up!

I would like to go back. If I could I wouldn't blink, because I'm pretty sure that's when it happened. I'm talking about my niece and my son growing up.

My wonderful handsome son Matthew will be 16 years old on February 23rd. My beautiful niece Amanda will be 26 years old on March 3rd. Who gave them permission to grow up?

I've always kept a camera close to capture those wonderful
crazy moments with Matthew!

I'm currently trying to plan a get together the weekend before Matt's birthday. He wants a few of his friends over to eat chili and pick some Bluegrass. I'm hoping it's a beautiful Florida night so maybe we can use the front porch. I've been designing a birthday cake that looks like a banjo in my head. Our private birthday supper tradition is to have whatever the birthday person wants for supper, and a cheesecake with strawberry sauce from this wonderful little bakery on Panama City Beach. We will do that on the actual night of his birthday.

Matthew - Dec 2009

Always the cowboy!

Matthew just hanging out! 2009

My niece Amanda (Mandy) called me Monday, she knew I was in town. She wanted to know if we could meet and have lunch somewhere. What a nice surprise! She has a 3 1/2 mo old baby girl "Lily", and she cares for her friend's 2 mo old son "Gage" so that he doesn't have to go to daycare. She was already out and about town running errands and wanted to have lunch. So we met, each of us fed a beautiful baby, changed them and then went to eat good ole' Mexican food at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We had the best time, and so did the restaurant employees. They went crazy over Lily's light auburn hair, big blue eyes, and fair skin. She's a little Irish beauty!

Amanda and Lily - January 2010

Amanda playing bride (always the lit'l diva)

Sporty Amanda modeling her new denim jacket for school.

Amanda's family today: Mandy and Aaron with the kids Blaise
and Lily - Jan. 2010

You'd better not blink or the same thing will happen to you! All the wonderful kids around you will grow up. When that happens, I just know you'll be as proud as I am and love them even more for the adults they have become or are becoming.

Remember friends, you're always welcome at Lilly Mae Acres. When I see you comin' down the lane (long dirt driveway), I'll put on a pot of coffee!

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  1. Lillie Mae, I've told my kids too, that I must have blinked too long, as one time they were just little and then the next time they were all grown.. They sure do grow up waaay too fast!!



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