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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silly Toe Socks - Red Ones!

Boy oh boy, Florida has been seeing some cold temperatures! Going on two weeks now, maybe longer. Record lows even way down south. Starting tomorrow, we should see normal January temps for a while. Did I actually pray for cold weather and snow? Yes I did , but it was a request I made for the week of Christmas. I got the cold weather after Christmas, not the snow. I don't want either anymore though so I've already cancelled that prayer request.
Aren't my silly red toe socks cute? They are very THICK so they make my feet look fat. I don't have fat feet but they sure look it in this picture! Anyway, these silly looking toe socks are doing their job and keeping my normal size toes and feet warm on this Tuesday evening. Supposedly this is the last of the real cold ones. In celebration of ole' Jack Frost traveling on to bother other people for a while, I decided to wear these. I almost always wear pink pajamas, that's just my personal color choice. I have on pink pajamas right now and would normally have on white socks, but I'm excited about the warmer temps, so I grabbed these out of my sock drawer. Speaking of sock drawer, I spent almost a whole day cleaning our bedroom Saturday. My dresser and armoir drawers are all nicely and neatly organized. It feels wonderful to open the drawers!
I've been scanning and downloading pictures to a new Facebook picture album since we finished supper. I have an uncle on FB that has several picture albums with wonderful old pictures in them, even some of me growing up. I decided to create an album simular with some pictures that he can enjoy and copy. If any of ya'll wonderful friends of Lillie Mae Acres have a facebook account, look me up (Sharon Denise Nelson Jones), I'd love to communicate with ya'll that way too.
This ole' farmhouse has been getting a good scrubbin' down. I guess it's called winter cleaning instead of spring cleaning. Doesn't it feel good though to have extra energy from head to toe because you want everything freshened up and redecorated after putting away Christmas? I love having my bright yellows and reds back in the kitchen. I love having my regular everyday comforter back on my bed. I love having my beautiful Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes back in the hutch. There's also a few ( quite a few) things on a honey-please-do list for that sweet hubby of mine. He's already been peckin' away at it too.
I hope each of you have a blessed evening and stay safe and warm in your neck of the woods. Thank you so much for being so faithful in reading and commenting on Lillie Mae Acres. I enjoy writing and wish I could do it everyday. Come back real soon, you're always welcome!


  1. I LOVE those socks:) I also love how you "cancelled" the prayer request for snow ,LOL, It is crazy, even Texas has been really cold with some snow, is this global WARMING at work??!!!! We are gonna get a heat wave here in Pa for several days....highs in the mid 30's:)

  2. I used to have socks like that when I was younger. I couldn't stand them. I like my piggies all together and not seperated. Glad you like yours though. It has been very cold here in NE Ohio. I love the way snow looks but I sure don't like what it brings with it. My inlaws just left for Florida for the winter on Sunday. It doesn't sound like it is going to be too much warmer for them in Florida then it is here in Ohio. Silly ducks!
    Enjoy your week,

  3. Thank you ladies. Oh Carmen, that heat wave is so welcome. I think I forgot how to sweat. Amy, you're right, these socks are cute but not very comfy. I was just happy and giddy last night so I put these on. They always make it easy for my hubby and son to make fun of. I received them as a gift a few years ago. Our dog Banjo thought they were interesting too. Your inlaws should have nice Florida January weather, it's supposed to be normal temps for a while.

  4. Such cute socks!!! I love 'em!
    You are very welcome!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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