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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pink Fuzzy Sleeve in my GriTs!

On this very COLD morning, way down here in Florida, what the body needs for breakfast is a piping HOT bowl of buttery grits and some piping hot black coffee to rinse it down. The combination will get together and create a warm blanket of good health and energy inside for a good start to a day that's not gonna warm up very much. If I could just keep my pink fuzzy sleeve out of my buttery grits.

In Lillie Mae's kitchen this morning, it's all warm n toasty and I'm wearing my pink fuzzy robe of course. See my reflection in the shiny coffee pot!

It got way down in the low twenties last night, possibly teens but hubby left for work a little later than usual and it was already 21 degrees. I LUV this thing, this BIG pink FUZZY WUZZY robe of mine! I love hubby too, so this morning is already filled with love around here! My robe is a little big and hangs and droops a little. That's the way a robe should be, that's what makes it a very important piece in the morning wardrobe. On Saturdays, it just might play a part in the afternoon wardrobe too!

Oh me, oh my! Today is Monday and we all know what that means. The always dreaded grocery day. Like I say every Monday, the sooner I get up and get going the sooner I can get back home. I almost always dread everything about driving into the city and grocery shopping. I do love my family though, and I love taking care of them. Taking care of them includes having a well stocked home and pantry. It includes clean laundry and delicious meals. It also includes dust-free furniture to some poeple, but not me.
I think I'll plan plain simple meals to put on the table this week. Nothing fancy this week, maybe next.
Back to the grits. If you choose to warm your body up with grits, please respect your taste buds enough to let them enjoy cooked grits. I have no idea who or what invented instant grits, but they aren't really grits so they shouldn't be aloud to put the word GRITS on the box label. Come on, it only takes 5-6 minutes to cook a piping hot pot of grits and they are so yummy! Try to keep your pink fuzzy sleeve out of them, or whatever color your fuzzy morning sleeve is. And don't try to be healthy with these things, add all the butter and salt you want.
Have a wonderful first Monday of the new year.


  1. It is cold out there! I wore my fuzzy white robe this morning too. At least until I had to take my son to preschool and go out in that cold. Yuck!
    Have a great day!

  2. MY GOODNESS, you are getting weather like us here in PA! We are wearing the fuzzy robes too, but with 2 more layers underneath, LOL! I've never had grits but they look delicious!!!

  3. I've never had grits either, but I'm a Yankee lol...will have to try them sometime!! I like your pink fuzzy robe...cute pic in the coffee pot! lol. Hope you have a blessed week


  4. WHAT??? Jackie and Carmen, ya'll have got to buy a box or pkg. of grits. My favorite brand is Jim Dandy Quick Grits. Carmen, I doubt you can find Jim Dandy, but there has to be some in one of your stores.
    Michelle, if my fuzzy robe was white, it would stay dirty looking! I love white though. In fact, after this posting, I went and stoked the fire and the poker smudged the hem of my robe. YUCK!

  5. Yes, I am another one who has never eaten grits! I must try some soon! I love your Country Boil! I have done a couple of them and LOVE it! Thanks for your recipe! Also, thank you so much for following my daughter-in-laws sewing blog!

    Keep warm Lillie Mae!


  6. I am sorry it has taken me so long to come by and say hi and thank you for visiting my blog. Grits are a favorite of mine. I make mine sweet with some sugar and know the way thas is really bad for you....
    I hope you had great Holidays. I woke up this morning to snow!
    Take care, Kim

  7. Sounds like a good way to start the day up here in New England too. Its brrrr, chilly, chilly, brrr, brrr up here. I loathe grocery shopping. I have some friends that love it, but I find myself on autopilot these days. I'll have to try some new recipes to make it more interesting.

  8. I have a fuzzy white robe but I think I like your pink one much better! Stay warm & cozy!

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my log blog!


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