Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Foxfire Book Series of the Appalachian Mtns.

On a tall bookcase in the corner by the fireplace, one of the beautiful Maple bookcases my talented hubby built for our home, stands a series of books. A lot of books are on the bookcase of various topics including Bibles, but today I'm talking about a series of books about mountain life in the Appalachians.
These are so interesting and include many interviews with mountain folk as well as instructions, recipes, ideas, etc. Wayne has been collecting these wonderful books for years. He currently has volumes one through twelve, plus the 25th and 40th anniversary editions. Recently I checked and Wayne's collection is up to date so far.
The website for the Foxfire Museum and Fund is and of course you can learn a lot more about this project there. The actual museum is in Mountain City, Georgia. That's in north Georgia. We've been there several times, it's beautiful and so fun to see it all up close. Local highschool students and volunteers are who keep this going, and have since 1966. Take a look for yourself.
It's so fun to sit and read through these books. For example, in volume one you can learn all about hog dressing and moonshining. In volume five you can learn all about ironmaking, rifles, and bear hunting. Then looking over in volume eleven, you can learn all about preserving and cooking food, plain living, and read interesting hunting and fishing stories. Each volume is just packed full of "knowledge".
Wayne and I both agree that we were born too late in life. Our hearts long for a life like these folks talk about, but common sense kicks in real fast and I'm the first to say that I'm glad we have indoor plumbing and electricity. I kind of like the television and phone too! Ok, so we really couldn't live like that because we already know how comfortable these things make it.

Well faithful blog readers, these dishes aren't going to do themselves. I guess I better get up and load that modern contraption we call a dishwasher. That's just one more thing I wouldn't want to live without. How about you?


  1. Very cute post! I love the mountains, the books seem to be interesting! Love the pail that you have the eggs in!!!! Your photos are so cute Denise!
    Love my dishwasher toooooo! Infact, it's running right now, as I am using the last clean coffee cup!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. LOL, I've always felt like an old soul in a modern body too, but like you I do like my modern convienences too and dishwasher, microwave and indoor plumbing top the list:) Wonderful pics and I love the ones of you in your garden!

  3. Thank you sweet ladies. Thanks for being faithful readers/followers always with a kind word about my posts. Us country girls all have so much in common don't we?

  4. Love those Firefox books. We have a few of our own. My hubby and extended family are from the mountains of NC and TN. Your post makes me want to get them out and read a bit! LOL! ~~Annie


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