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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding Treasures Under Your Nose

Good morning to all of you beautiful faithful bloggers out in blog land. I've been enjoying the warmer weather and getting some things done around Lillie Mae Acres. The leaves are all over the front still but that's just something I'm in no hurry to tackle.

Have you ever come across a wonderful little treasure right in your own home that you didn't know about? Honestly, I don't remember having this, but at some point it found it's way into the bottom of my cedar chest. I'm talking about my daddy's 1954 class ring.

When my uncles and aunts were going through my grandmother's belongings, they came across a box of my dad's personal stuff. My dad has already gone on to Heaven, so a box of personal items was exciting to receive. This was years ago and I guess I placed the small items from the box into my cedar chest. I do not remember this shredded up ring envelope. I had no idea I had this, so you can imagine my excitement when I found it.

A few weeks ago when packing up Christmas linens, there the little envelope was. Laying on the bottom of the chest. It was like a hidden Christmas gift.

I'm sorry the pictures aren't very good, I tried. Anyway, I already had my dad's senior portrait and name card, so I put this picture together to send to one of my my uncles for his collection of old family pictures.

I remember that in this large box of precious keepsakes were also letters, pictures, his Bible, military mementos, certificates, etc. A lot of his personal items that I will treasure forever. Years ago, I had already given my son Matthew my dad's Gulf Oil Corp. patches, pictures, and awards. He also has a brass Gulf Oil Corp. belt buckle that my dad earned, and he actually wears it sometimes. I showed him this ring and told him that we'll take it to a jeweler, have the emblem put back on it and he can have it to wear if he wants to.

Well, I'll be the first to admit that this morning's posting isn't the most interesting post. It's just a special little story I wanted to pass along. I wonder how many more wonderful treasures are hidden right here under my nose and under your noses in your homes that will be discovered one day by someone.

It sort of makes me want to go plunder around but I have too much housework to get up and do.


  1. That is so wonderful!!! What a great surprise you must have felt when you found that!

    I have many small treasurers from my parents. I found a Christmas Card to dad from mom 1940. He wrote on the card, I will marry this gal someday! They did in 1941!

  2. That is a wonderful treasure and what a surprise to warm your heart:) You are lucky to have some momentos, my parents were never married so I never knew my father. I did meet him one time when I was 12, but I was not very impressed with him. Maybe you have more treasures hid away somewhere!

  3. What a wonderful surprise. I am sure God had you find it now for a special reason.
    How generous your heart to allow your son to wear it. What a blessing to know the memories live inside and are not "items". I found this to be a wonderful post and not boring in the least.

  4. I loved your post Lilie Mae. My daddy has passed on too and I have a special treasure box stuffed with very special things that were his. I'm so glad you again found these wonderful memories of your dad. Hold on to them tightly and always treasure them.

  5. Thank you ladies. For some reason, I am the only one of my sisters that cherishes family items like this. I have so many little "treasures" to pass on to Matthew. I do feel blessed to have them, of course the actual memories are cherished even more.

  6. have a wonderful weekend...oh...and don't forget to stop by this week...starting right now to enter and learn about the great give away that is being held on my blog this week!


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