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Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, January 14, 2010

BIG Do-Over Project & BIG Win from Jackie's Journey

You know how everyone is wondering what to do with their old entertainment centers being replaced by new HDTV's hanging on the walls or over the fireplaces? Well, mine is safe and secure and will not be gong anywhere. That sweet talented hubby of mine made it for us, so of course it's not going anywhere. I cherish everything he makes us for our home. Most of the pieces of furniture that he's made, he actually cut the tree, drove it to the sawmill, planed the wood himself, then began the project. Honest!
Anyway, here are the pictures showing you how I changed it a little. I didn't realize the back wall of the TV shelf had so many holes in it.

I knew that needed covering, so I explained to Wayne what I wanted. I chose the paint color for the wainscoting and he cut it.
I painted it, then he glued it in tonight. It looks GREAT.

The old entertainment center is now on a side wall and neatly holds a lot of stuff. I hope you like it too.

Oh, how excited I was when I went over to Jackie's Journey and seen that I won her giveaway. I won a beautiful collection of items: A book about antiques, a birdhouse for spring, a beautiful bird candle holder and a lovely handkerchief. Oh, I just can't wait to see it all when it gets here.
Jackie is such a sweetie, I really hope you'll go over and visit her blog. You'll enjoy it. Although her and I live many many miles apart in Florida, we've been suffering through this COLD weather together and keeping each other smiling through our frostbite.

TGIF - Can you believe half of January is gone? This is getting scary, time is disappearing while I'm sleeping, blinking, cleaning the house, or something. Where does it go? Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. We're supposed to get some rain here in Florida and that'll give us warmer temperatures.


  1. Congrats on winning! I LOVE what you've done with the entertainment center, what a neat idea on recycling a wonderful piece of furniture!!!! Enjoy your day and glad to hear your coming out of the deep freeze:)

  2. Lillie Mae,

    I wanted to pop by and thank you for the kind comment you left for me on my blog. It's always nice when ladies stop by and let me know they've visited. (o:

    And your entertainment center looks *lovely* with the changes you made, great job!


  3. Congrats on your win and I love how you redid your entertainment center! How clever!!

  4. Well done, a wonderful makeover. I love what you did with the beadboard. Clarice

  5. Thanks for all the comments you sweet ladies. Most of all, thanks for reading, enjoying, and following my blog. I appreciate you.

    It was a very simple fix to cover the holes in that old tv shelf.

  6. It looks beautiful! I love the color you choose to paint! The whole center is spectacular! I'm glad you are excited about your winnings! I even smiled when I was wrapping them. They should be there Tues/Wed. because no mail ran today. 2 parcels should arrive! Hugs my friend!

  7. I'm back! I see Debbie left a comment above. She is a dear sweet lady that our children all played together almost 20 years ago in Ohio! Shes a talented lady too! Glad to see that she stopped by.
    Ok, Im done, lol

  8. Thanks for leaving me a comment and letting me know you became a follower of my blog.

    I've been looking around your blog and love it! The entertainment center re-do turned out really well. I love the paint color, too.

    We just got back from Florida. Thankfully, all your cold weather was pretty much done before we got there. We really enjoyed the break from our snow and cold.


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