Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hidden Treasure to Country RED and Useful

During my childhood, this cabinet stood in my grandparent's living room. It's an old RCA record player cabinet. I don't remember it so much as a record player cabinet as I do the piece of furniture that their Christmas tree sat on top of during the holidays. This is the one piece of furniture that I wanted after they passed away.

The original dark finish always made it hard for me to use, but something I was not willing to change until recently. It's been in storage for years, but not anymore. I decided that it needed to be RED. It only took me two days to bring new life to it. Once I looked through more shades of red at the paint store than I knew existed, picked out "the right red" and got the paint, this little cherished cabinet started coming to life. It's a beautiful country red, kind of a barn red. I'm real happy with it now. I've got it sitting in my living room right now to see if it works. If not, well I'll just move it around until it finds it's perfect place.

I made sure not to cover over the RCA trademark on the inside of one of the doors.

There's another major project going on around Lillie Mae Acres, but I don't want to write about it until it's all finished. Hint: you build a fire in it to warm your home. Hmm?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That Wonderful New Stuff called CHALK INK

I finally found Chalk Ink without having to order it. That just made me so much happier than I already was yesterday! If you've looked online for it, you've noticed how $$EXPENSIVE $$ it is. With all of us ladies going chalkboard crazy these days in our kitchens, I knew I could wait it out until a cheaper brand came out or the stores started selling them. A couple of months ago, I called around and even looked around for myself, but the Michaels or Hobby Lobby near me neither one had them. Of course places like Walmart and KMart didn't have them either, but I looked just to make sure.

Yesterday, I asked again at the Michaels since I was in there. I was so surprised when the girl said yes and took me to them. The four pack is only $11.99. Way cheaper than ordering online! The best part is that I didn't even pay that much because of a very nice lady with an extra 40% coupon. She was a tall, beautiful, well dressed lady that was letting her Christian light shine in a register line that was just too long and way too slow. We had already smiled at one another and I instantly noticed all of that about her. We started talking, and she mentioned that she had an extra coupon. Of course I thanked her, and the conversation went right to church. We exchanged with one another where we each go to church and then told each other to have a blessed day. Don't you just love running into sweet people? Small and simple things like that just make my day. I like being a person that let's others see my light. I also like noticing people just like her in crowds, I think because it just reminds us how beautiful God is. When you have Him in your heart, you are beautiful too.

My kitchen chalkboard has history. That's right, it's old! The wooden frame used to be this awful "public school government issued green". Hehe, you know the standard color from the seventies. That's why the chalkboard paint is also green instead of black. I like the green part though, although everyone else has fresher looking black ones. It works for me. I changed the frame to match my personality and my kitchen, which are both the same!
Below is my little kitchen chalkboard hanging over in the corner. I've been having to use regular chalk on it, but sure am glad I don't anymore.

I'm already enjoying my new toys, see my artwork.
I'm not likely to forget the nice lady in Michaels anytime soon. She really blessed me and I hope I blessed her as well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Organized n Spicy!

This post is just me, rambling on about Lillie Mae Acres' farmhouse kitchen and how it works best for me.
I swore that when my kitchen got remodeled, I'd have a whole cabinet for my spices. I enjoy cooking, and it just helps to see exactly what I have and how much I have in spices. This little corner was not supposed to have a cabinet in it, but that oh so sweet hubby of mine decided to put a small one up just for spices. It works perfect for me.

I also wanted a small space as something like a coffee center so sugar and cream didn't have to sit out on the counter. It's close to the coffee pot where friends can doctor up their own coffee as they like. I drink my coffee black most of the time, but just thought I'd cater to the people I love. The spoons are just below and the refrigerater is a few steps away with the creamers. This works out perfect too. I know the cabinet looks a little messy, but you can't stack coffee cups neat. Also, we all seem to have a favorite one, that's why a lot of them don't match. Then there's the dish towels. All those dish towels that used to get crammed in a tiny drawer and stayed a big ole' mess.
I devoted a large drawer in the pantry to these. I try my best to keep them as neat as possible. Oh, and check out my three old hot pads. I remember that I got them as suvenirs from a trip to the Smoky Mountains a long, long time ago. They are tin sign replicas with insulated cardboard backs. I love using them, they just wipe clean. Finally, I just have to show you my fine set of glassware. Our prized tea and juice glasses are just simple ole' canning and jelly jars. I LUV them! My goodness, when you step inside our home you really shouldn't be surprised by canning jars for glasses. There's never been a better tea glass invented according to a lot of folks, including us. The real reason they work so well is that they are so thick. Everyday glassware is usually so thin, they get broke so easy.
Well, I said it would be a post of me just rambling on. That let's you know that it was a pretty relaxing weekend with nothing exciting going on. Next weekend will be pretty busy. I'm looking forward to going to a church fall festival next Saturday and visiting an out of town church Sunday morning where The Bluegrass Pilgrims are singing at both events.

A few posts back in late September, I made my mom a Lemon Crunch cake for her birthday party. Well, I've made it again but changed the iceing a little. Instead of just milk and powdered sugar, I added two drops of yellow food coloring and a teaspoon of lemon extract. The lemon flavor enhanced the lemon cake and I like it better. If you haven't tried that cake yet, go back to that post and get the recipe. It really is a yummy and easy cake to whip up to take somewhere or just to have something sitting around to nibble on with afternoon coffee.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aprons Make It Fun To Cook

I LUV aprons. They actually make cooking more fun than it already is. I started my collection by buying the pretty holiday and special occasion ones. I have a few, but need some everyday ones too.
Look at this beautiful little black and white apron from my friend and neighbor, Dawn. I LUV it! I thought it looked good with my lovely little lounging pajamas that my mom gave me a while back. I cooked spaghetti last night for supper and since we were staying home for the night, I just thought I'd be comfy. I was very comfy and I didn't get a drop of sauce on my new apron! Matthew has company over for the whole weekend, and you know how spaghetti is one of those meals you can stretch! Who doesn't like spaghetti? We all enjoyed it and I enjoyed cooking it of course.
Dawn and I try to exchange gifts for every little occasion. It's fun! We both had gifts for each other yesterday, just a little gift exchange for fall. This pretty little apron is what she gave me. You can't see it too good in the picture, but it has a black ribbon bow on the pocket. So feminine!
Dawn and her hubby have been changing a lot in their home. She has beautiful new flooring all over and new paint. It looks great!
She surprised me and told me she's been following my blog. I'm so happy, so here's a "Hey there Dawn" for her this morning.
I love aprons, and actually like to use them. I guess they're getting more and more popular these days. Ive started seeing them in the stores more and all over the internet. That makes me feel better, to know that I'm not the only old fashioned lady left that loves to wear aprons while she cooks.
Anyway, Dawn's going to come over for coffee one morning next week. That means I'll have to comb through the ole' recipe books and come up with something yummy to go with that coffee. Of course, I'll make sure I'm wearing my pretty black and white apron as I serve it.

I just LUV being a feminine, God loving, country wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, lady, that loves to cook and wear aprons! Did all that make sence?

Have a great weekend everyone! If you have a cute little country apron, put it on and cook something yummy for the family.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning Walk Before Chores

It was so breezy this morning so I thought I'd take my camera and walk around a little. Of course, I had to play a few minutes with Banjo and throw his ole' chewed up (used to have stuffing in it) duck for him.

I bet you can't say that you know too many people with an outhouse. I'm proud to say that I have one. Well, it's not a real one. It's really our pump house. When people come out here for their first visit, they usually comment on it.

I wish I could show you our old farming tools and plows that used to sit on display in the front yard, but for the past few years they've been down under the shed. They are waiting to be given a little TLC. We just haven't started that project yet. This wagon is a current project that Wayne and Matthew are tinkering around with. They'll get it looking like it did in it's prime, then we'll actually use it. Wayne has always wanted a mule and a wagon, so here's the wagon. As long as I can remember, Matthew has had chickens and guineas. Also, turkeys for a while now. We've had as many as twenty something guineas roaming around together over the past, but we're down to just three now.

Shadow, our beautiful Tennessee Walker is so sweet. She's got a good personality and loves attention.
Early morning is my favorite time to walk down and love on her and talk to her.
The beautiful goldenrod flowers are in full bloom all over. This is just a small area of a large field next to us. Goldenrods cover it as far as I can see from standing on my front porch this morning. Lovely to look at, horrible for allergies. When Matthew was young, he'd be so proud of himself for picking them and bringing them to me. Finally, I just had to tell him not to pick them anymore, he can pick any flower but those.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took this morning, just to show you a little bit of our piece of God's country. I thought later that if I had walked out just as the sun was coming up, I could have taken a beautiful sunrise picture for ya'll. I love to sit on my front porch on cool mornings with my coffee.

Just one more thing to share this morning, these Martha Stewart DVDs are wonderful. A good friend/neighbor of mine Dawn, gave me the one titled Classic Thanksgiving. It's really great. So many ideas and recipes are on this. I found the Homemade Holidays dvd a few weeks later and just had to have it. It's just as good, full of a lot of recipes and creative ideas. You've got to admit, Martha Stewart is a very talented lady. I don't know how easy it will be for you to find copies for yourself. I know Homemade Holidays was on clearance at a local Dollar General. I don't know where Dawn got Classic Thanksgiving. This reminds me that I need to go visit Dawn. I've been so busy with a lot of things for the past several months that I think I've neglected all my friends. I ran into a friend at the store just yesterday that I haven't seen in weeks. We stay in touch by phone almost every week, but have not sat down for morning coffee at each other's table in a long time. I guess I need to make some calls and plug the coffee pot in. And of course, that leads to baking something yummy to go with that coffee.
It's time for me to get up from here and fold some laundry. NOT my favorite thing to do!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chilly Chili Florida

Well, fall weather finally made it's way down here to the southland. It takes it's time every year, and it want be able to make up it's mind for about another month. Our night temps have been in the 40's for several nights now. Starting tomorrow night it'll creep back up a little. The days are warm, sometimes too warm as soon as the sun comes out. Today reached the 90's. Yep, from 40's to 90's! That's good ole' Florida for you! It means we have to dress for the warm weather, not the cool. If you could have seen me today, you would have laughed. I had on cropped sweats, a short sleeved t shirt, and uggs. NO, I do not have a picture to post! It wasn't cute, but it was comfy.

Tonight for supper we had chili. I cleaned my little country home all day, changed out the comforter on our bed to my pretty Christmas one, used my clothesline for a lot of laundry, and had a big pot of chili slow cooking. I got a lot done! I've been slowly putting out Christmas decorations here and there since the weekend. Our big tree is up in the living room, and I started on my bedroom today. The kitchen will stay decorated for fall along with the front porch until after Thanksgiving. Hey, it works for us!

I went to cuddle and get some sugars from my new little niece yesterday. I also went to a new Walmart that's in the city, it's supposedly a mega center. One of the largest ones in the country. A prototype of what's coming to your town too soon!
I loved visiting, cuddling, and sugaring my precious little niece but I did not like the new Walmart. Too huge, too scattered, too much of a warehouse feel to it! I'm not a Walmart Queen like a lot of ladies (my little sister is the top queen), so it did not impress me at all. I like grocery shopping at grocery stores. I'm not in love with Walmart supercenters, but I do go to one in town for toiletries and things. Anyway, that's my humble opinion on how Walmart is continuing to ruin America these days. They're just going to get BIGGER and BIGGER until they are the only store left in every town in America.

Back to visiting my little pink princess cupcake Lily yesterday. I have this HUGE black purse that Matthew and Wayne make fun of. They call it a suitcase! Anyway, I just happened to be using it yesterday, when the thought hit me that maybe I could get away with smuggling Lily home in it. I even asked my pretty little niece Mandy (Lily's proud mommy)to give her to me and she can just have another one. She said NO, so I guess I'll just have to settle for visiting when I can. Me and Matthew enjoyed going over and spending time with them, although Matthew would not even hold her. Like a lot of guys, he was scared. He all but admitted it! So, since I couldn't bring the lit'l princess home, I just snuggled up with my baby Banjo when I got here. He's just not as pretty, doesn't smell as good, and I don't want to give him a lot of kisses all over! He's our baby though. Lily's 8 year old brother had made some halloween lollipops that they called Lilypops over the weekend. They were chocolate and yummy! He was in school when his mommy let us try them yesterday so Matthew owes him a phone call to tell him how delicious they were. She said they used candy molds. I've never done that before.

Oh, back to grocery shopping! I started buying ingredients yesterday for what I plan to cook for Thanksgiving. Don't you just love this time of year? I'll buy several ingredients each week now, that way my grocery budget want be shocked! I know for a fact that I'm baking at least one pumpkin pie as usual, but also a sweet potatoe pie. Wayne plans to travel to visit with his uncle Saturday and they are going tomato picking at a huge u-pick farm. I told him to get a bunch because I want to try making salsa this year. I've never put up salsa, but I'm gonna give it a try! His collards are coming up, so hopefully we'll have enough to put in the freezer. Usually he fries a big mess of collards on Thanksgiving day, that's a tradition for our home. Just as soon as I have room on the stove for him to work his magic, he does. If you've never eaten fried collards, you have to ty them. They are so YUMMY! Not healthy, since they're fried in bacon grease, but very yummy.

We're fixing to go sit on the porch before bedtime. Here in Florida, it's official " porch sittin' " weather!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shh, she needs her sleep!

Lit'l Lily Makes Her Entrance

Well, here she is folks! That precious little gift from Heaven that I told you our family received. My great niece, Lily Grace.Her and her mommy are both doing just fine and they're already home.
Her big brother Blaise went to "Big Brother" classes at the hospital before she was born, so we're sure he'll know just what kind of help his mommy needs. He says he does anyway!
In the picture above, my sister the "Granny" cuddles up with both of her grandkids. In the picture below, that's my mom "Mema" cuddling up with both of her great grandkids. My mom doesn't look like a great grandma, does she? I see my aunt in the picture already showing Lily how much she loves her too. What a blessing babies are! When I look at these pictures, I can almost smell the sweet baby lotion she's rubbed down in, I can almost feel her soft skin and hair. I'll just never understand people that don't appreciate children and take care of them. They truly are precious gifts from God and He is watching how we take care, raise, and teach them.Well, I just thought I'd sit down real fast on this cool Saturday morning and post ya'll a few pictures. I am proud of and do love all my lit'l nieces and nephews, no matter how rotten some of them boys are!
I just have to end with the picture below that I found on the internet. Don't these pink frosted cupcakes look yummy? I'll be making some for Lily just as soon as she can have a lick of pink frosting off the top of one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Thoughts Are "Pink" Right Now!

What a blessing, tomorrow my family will welcome a brand new member. She'll be oh so innocent, small, sweet smellin', and beautiful. We'll all just want to squeeze her, but we'll have to be gentle. We'll all just want to hold her and love on her making faces and silly noises, but we'll have to put her down and let her get her sleep. Her mommy has been so careful for nine long months, letting this little miracle and precious gift from God grow and thrive inside of her. Finally the time has come, and the little princess will make her entrance. Her mommy, daddy, and big brother have all waited a long time to see her, hold her, and look into her little eyes.

Oh yes, I'm sure she felt the love from the first moment she could, but she hasn't felt nothing yet. This little angel is loved! Her life is going to be filled with knowing God, love, and happiness.

She's being welcomed by big family, so her social skills will come natural and early. She's being welcomed by a loud family, so her little lungs and voice will be strong. And saving the best for last, she's being welcomed by a family that has not had a baby girl born in over twenty years. Oh yes, a family of BOYS!!! Don't you just know that she's going to turn their world upside down!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blue Ribbon joy

I'm just so pleased and proud. A little over a week ago, I packed one of my many baskets from my collection with pride. Home canned items for the county fair! Some of what I thought were my best, to be judged. I had been waiting for this day to come, and had already been picking out the prettiest jars from my shelves of jams, preserves, pickles, etc. This was my first year entering in the fair, so I was excited. Well, last week was the fair and since we didn't want to go, I had to wait until today (Sunday) to find out if all my hard work was awarded anything. Of course, most of the joy of canning comes from the pleased looks on family and friend's faces. But still, I sure did say a little prayer that the judges would like my stuff too! Wayne and I stood in the long line waiting and waiting for one of the people to let us go back and pick up my items. It seemed like thirty minutes, but I'm sure it wasn't. Everytime the girl handed a jar to me, I smiled BIGGER! My stewed tomatoes, pear honey, garlic dill pickles, and fig preserves all won 1st place ribbons! My spiced pear jam won a 2nd place ribbon! I did not expect the outcome to be that good. I'm so thankful! I'm so happy! If my wonderful hubby and son did not work so hard gardening and didn't love the country life and thrifty living as much as I do, I couldn't do it alone. Their support of my efforts to can and preserve helps me a lot. They deserve the "Family Blue Ribbon". And since I don't have fruit trees on my land, our wonderful friends that introduced me to their wonderful pear tree deserves the "Friends Blue Ribbon". I have the best friends. I have a wonderful friend with a peach tree and blueberry bushes, friends with a pear tree, etc., etc. I love going and picking whatever is ripe and ready to eat, preserve, cook, etc.

What a day today has been. Wayne and I had to travel up the road a bit to another little country town and pick Matthew up this morning. He traveled with good friends to another Bluegrass festival last Wednesday, and came back home with them in the early morning hours. Wayne and I traveled up to where the festival was yesterday and really had a lot of fun. I had not seen Matthew since last Wednesday, so I was ready to go see my boy!
That's Matt wearing a white t shirt in both pictures above. He was glad to see us, but he had pickin' to do! He wasn't gonna slow down just because maw and paw came up to see him.
The pictures above are just some of the festival grounds covered with campers. The old school house is about to fall down. Melony and I went inside, it's just full of memories hanging all over the walls, and there is water damage so bad. It's really scary, the ceiling is caving in in a lot of areas and several outside walls are already crumbled. Blue tarps are the only thing hanging on several sides, but not doing a good job of keeping the elements out. They actually all ate breakfast in there, and that surprised me since the floors felt rotten under our feet and had caved in in some spots. What a walk through history! I enjoyed it.

The picture below is Wayne and our good friend Melony. She's a living doll. God has really blessed her life and her and her hubby are wonderful Christian people. We're very thankful to them for inviting Matthew to travel around with them.
Matthew just can't put them instruments down. If someone is willing to pic with him, he's ready!
The old building below was a home. Can't you just imagine a large family living in it? I would have loved to see the inside, but it wasn't open. Above is my sweet hubby Wayne. He loves boiled peanuts more than anything! I guess if he has God, Bluegrass music, a bag of boiled peanuts, and a Coke Zero then he's having the best day a man could have!

Well faithful readers, that was Lillie Mae's exciting weekend. It was a good one, filled with God's blessings and beauty. We're healthy, safe, and happy. I hope each of you have a wonderful evening, I've got to get up from here and bake some fish for supper! My guys will be hungry afterwhile.