Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Night ramblings

Here's a BIG hello and hug from Lillie Mae Acres. I hope you're all staying warm, dry, and cozy these last few days before Christmas. I think (hope, pray, etc.) that today was my last day in the city. I planned it that way, went right by my list, and as of this very minute can't think of anything I forgot.

This man, this sweet hubby of mine is such a soft hearted man.

I love him more than I can even describe. He doesn't really ever say it, but he just loves Christmas. It's practically written all over him and his actions. He hasn't had a lot of free time this year, but usually this time of year I can find him in the workshop every night making things to give away. I went out to the shed behind the game room before it got dark this evening and there, layed out all over the pool table were manly gifts. Various knives layed out, ready to be handed out to whoever he has in mind for them. He does this every year, he'll stock up or make things and hand them out. I'm proud to say that I can already see alot of Wayne's ways in Matthew.

I went into one of the nearby cities this morning.

I dreaded it all weekend, but this morning I just adopted a calm peaceful attitude about it. I dressed very comfy and warm, got all my coupons and list together, and off I went. Well, it turned out to be a very pleasant day. I took my time, kept checking my list, found everything and a lot of bargains. I made sure I wished everyone I talked to a Merry Christmas, even the elderly man at Kmart that helped me get the carts unstuck! I even found wonderful parking spaces everywhere I went, even the mall.

We stayed home tonight instead of going to hear Gospel Bluegrass like we do most Monday nights. Wayne is pretty tired these days from working long hours plus all weekend. We may or may not go out tomorrow night to hear Christmas music over in another little country town. Either way, just being together is fine with me. Right now I have Christmas music playing in the living room, a fire in the fireplace, and I'm fixing to go crawl in my big ole comfy bed. I'm looking forward to my mom and her hubby coming over for a nice Christmas Eve supper Thursday night, maybe a little dessert and egg nog around the fireplace. I've got to run down to my sweet little neighbor's home tomorrow or Wednesday and check out her new living room furniture. I've got to get a picture of her so I can show her off on here and tell you about her. That'll be a future blog post in the near future.

I've also got to run down and deliver fresh eggs to my sister, and hopefully find a neighbor or two that can take some more off my hands. All of a sudden, we have way more eggs here on Lillie Mae Acres than we can eat.

Good night all you sweeties out in blogland, and Merry Christmas to each of you. God bless your homes and families.

Lillie Mae is sleepy and goin' to bed! I've got to rise n shine early to get things done around here.


  1. Glad you are back from the "city"! Merry Christmas to you and yours, can't wait to see what Santa brings for Banjo!!!!

  2. Your husband really sounds like a "keeper" and sounds like he's training your son up to follow in his footsteps...good for him and good for you! I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTmas and it's been fun getting to know you through blogging this year!

  3. Hi Lillie Mae, uh Denise, lol
    I love your blog. It's so cute and friendly. I can feel like I'm in the country life, just reading about it! Oh How I wish I was in that life! Tampa is so hurry scurry.
    I hope you have a marvelous evening my friend.


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