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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's A Winter Wonderland for Winter Naps

I enjoy decorating almost every inch of our home for Christmas. Our bedroom doesn't get left out. I love getting it all decorated for our favorite time of the year and enjoy using the Christmas comforter.

Wayne made my cedar chest that sits at the foot of our bed, and it get's decorated almost every year with my little feather tree.
I made the grungy little snowballs and other ornaments for the feather tree years ago. A few years back, I made this little folk art lamb too. He's my favorite.

It's been hard to stay in the Christmas mood (I said mood not spirit) because of the weather we've been having this week. It turned warm on us again, and we've had a lot of rain for two days. It's going to be rainy through the weekend too. Joy joy! But, even though it's hard to be in a Christmas mood, the Christmas spirit and all that it means is in our hearts to stay. I'm trying to talk my guys into us going Christmas shopping tonight.

I've enjoyed looking through everyone's beautiful Christmas decorations on your blogs. This is truly the most joyous and meaningful time of the year. I've just started thinking about what goodies I want to make. I know I'll be trying the homemade caramels on page 185 of Comfort and Joy by Gooseberry Patch. Just in case you don't have this particular Gooseberry Patch cookbook, I'll post the recipe. It's so simple and basic, just my kind!

Stay warm and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.


1 c. butter 14 oz. can sweetened
2 c. brown sugar, packed condensed milk
1/8 t. salt 1 t. vanilla extract
1 c. light corn syrup
Melt butter in a 3 qt saucepan. Add sugar and salt; stir thoroughly. Stir in corn syrup and mix well. Gradually add condensed milk; stir constantly over md heat until mixture reaches the firm ball stage, (244 - 249 degrees on a candy therm.)
Remove from heat, stir in vanilla. Pour into a well greased 9x9 pan. Cool; cut into small squares and wrap in wax paper. Makes about 6 dozen.

I hope if you try this that your family and friends truly enjoy it. Have a great evening, and thank you for being such faithful followers and readers.


  1. it is all just so festive! you are doing a wonderful job. I usually do up the entire house, but this year I am just doing the basics...sort of not in the festive spirit this year!

  2. Your bedroom looks so cute and cozy all decorated for Christmas and the recipe for caramels sounds yummy !!

  3. It is just to adorable for words....I truly love it. So very festive!!

    Barb ♥

  4. You've brought Christmas cheet into every nook and cranny of your happy home. Looks lovely.

  5. Thanks for sharing the caramel recipe's a good one! Here's a handy link to the book you mentioned:

    Thanks again!


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