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Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold Again!

I know we're not having the kind of cold weather a lot of you are having, and in some ways I'm glad. If it did snow here, we'd all be slipping and sliding all over the highways and parking lots. We don't have the right equipment to handle that kind of snow. It did get cold again though. Cold by Florida standards that is. It got in the 30's. And we have rain in the forecast for the weekend.

Matthew and I went into the city yesterday, it was cold and windy. When it's windy, Lillie Mae refuses to spend too much time on the hair. That's why God invented ponytail bands, don't you agree? I put on my "I don't care what I look like" baggy sweatshirt, jeans, comfy shoes that Matthew and Wayne think are ugly, and announced that I was ready to go! We had places to go and things to get done.

Matthew needed a haircut. Why can't my hair grow as fast as his? If it did, I'd have long flowing beautiful hair! Anyway, I wanted my nails done, ended up getting a whole new set. That took forever! It seemed like it anyway, but she always does a good job. By then it was past our lunch time according to our bellies, so we drove way out of our way to our favorite Mexican restaurant. YUMMY, it's always worth it.
After a little shopping here and there, we headed out of town, driving the max speed towards the country, trying to get home faster than possible. Home is truly where my heart is, it's my comfort zone!

Back to weather, the last time it did snow here in Northwest Florida was December 22, 1989. It was a Friday afternoon and it dropped into the 20's for several days. About 1 1/2 inches collected on the ground, WOW! But it was enough that we were having bad driving conditions and wrecks up and down the highways. I remember that I had two nieces about a year old and another niece about four years old, babysitting them for my sisters. One of the babies was sick but already on antibiotics, so outside we went. No way was Aunt Lillie Mae gonna let them babies miss history in the making!

Thanks for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres once again, come back soon.


  1. Sounds like fun but I'm the same way, always ready to get back home:) Our wind chill here in NW Pa. is around 12 today, 30 would be nice, lol!!!

  2. Your fireplace looks so beautiful! It is 16 degrees here today!! Time for some hot chocolate!

  3. I'm sure that fireplace will keep you nice and cozy! Enjoy your winter months !!
    Xoxo ~

  4. Nice cozy pictures....No wonder you wanted to get home! I won't say stay warm -- because you are warm by our standards, but stay dry this weekend.

  5. Your fireplace looks so cozy! I need to get out in that rain today but I would much prefer to sit by the fire and read a good book!



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