Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thrift Finds a.k.a. Treasures

I just thought I'd show ya'll the wonderful little treasures I picked up last Saturday when Wayne and I traveled up to Mule Day in Georgia and then through the little town of Havana, Florida. Don't you just love it when you find a "new" treasure?

This wonderful little shelf is my favorite find from our latest road trip. I'm not 100% sure of my plans for it, but I love it and some different ideas are rolling around in my head. I only paid $4.00 for it. It didn't come with the candle holder in the second picture, but that's one of my ideas.

These baskets were only 50 cents a piece. The lady had a bunch, so I plundered through them and picked out the ones that I couldn't live without.Don't you love the shape of the one in the front?

Isn't this just adorable? It's a miniature pie safe. Oh, there's plenty of ideas rolling through Lillie Mae's crafty little head as to where I can put this and what all I can put in it. I just about know that I'm going to try to find the perfect size or scale of food, pies, and/or dishes to display in it. I only paid $4.99 for it!..

And then there's this little beauty. A tin candle mold. I'm not sure where I'll sit it but I like it! I only paid $1.00 for this
I hope you enjoyed seeing my "new" treasures. All these things are yucky and still need to be cleaned up. I haven't even tried to do anything with them yet.

You just never know what will happen around Lillie Mae Acres or what Lillie Mae will find to write about next so you better keep comin' back!


  1. Those are wonderful finds you got! I love treasure hunting too, and that pie safe is awesome:)

  2. Very nice treasures Lillie Mae. You found some great stuff and not to expensive I might add.

  3. Great finds! LOVE that pie safe!! Can't believe how inexpensive it was!!

  4. I have the very same candle mold -- and I paid much more than you did. Great find. You're lucky. Thrifting is fun -- it's always neat to see what treasures can be found.
    -- Jodi


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