Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, November 19, 2009

lit'l bit more Christmas for ya'll

Here's a few more pictures for ya'll to enjoy. There will be more as the days go by. Hopefully I'll have everything finished and lookin' just the way I want it to by early next week so all Lillie Mae has to do is think about cookin'.
I get the morning sun through my kitchen window and it helps warm our home up on chilly mornings. Lillie Mae Acres is in Florida, so there's not too many freezes around here until after December.
A sweet friend made this sampler for me years ago. I display it every year and it brings back memories of when our boys were little and she lived through the woods within walking distance.

My pantry above was designed by me and built by Wayne and a friend. I love being able to display my favorite cookbooks and have them handy. See my little chalkboard in the upper left corner? I'm still lovin' those chalk inks.
I handmade Mr. Gingerbread a few years ago and he still faintly smells of the cinnamon I bathed him in.
Don't pay any attention to my old beat up table. That sweet hubby of mine is gonna get around to making us a 7 foot long farmhouse table real soon. It's somewhere on the "Honey Do" list I keep adding stuff to.

I made this little grungy candy cane years ago. I haven't done much crafting in a while and need to start back. I used to sell my stuff on Ebay and did pretty good.
Wayne hasn't put a screw or nail (whichever) in the center so I can hang my wreath up. It's almost chilly enough for a fire tonight.
I hope you enjoyed these. It's gettin' late here and I'm headed for my big ole' comfy bed.
As always, thank you for following and reading Lillie Mae Acres. I read and appreciate every single comment. I really do!


  1. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas:) I LOVE your "beat up" old table, it has character!

  2. Love that gingham topper on your kitchen window...I'm thinking of going red gingham in my own kitchen and this will be my inspiration window!

    What kind of cloth is that on top of your fridge...looks like a great idea to me!

    I enjoy my visits here!☺

  3. You are doing a fantastic job. I love the arrangement on your table. Didn't even notice the "beat up" look you were talking about. I was thinking that maybe when you finish up at your house, you could start on mine? Just a thought! Looking forward to more pictures.

  4. Thank you for all your sweet compliments and comments ladies. Nanny, that is just a large dish towel on top of my frig. I keep one up there because I can't stand the greasy mess that gathers there if I don't. Easier to wash a dish towel, huh? Amy, if we lived close by one another, I'd love to. I help my mom all the time.
    Luv n Hugz to all of you,
    Lillie Mae

  5. Oh my goodness, you are way ahead of me! I haven't even started my decorating yet. I'd better get started. It's looking very cozy at your place :)


  6. Hi sweetie pie ~ I adore that red check valance in your kitchen window, and I ♥ ♥ ♥ the log cabin walls in your dining room !! The fireplace looks so warm & inviting, you all did such a good job on it and I know you can't wait to use it ! Enjoy your pretty "Country Home For Christmas" !!

  7. Your little mailbox is adorable. Perfect to drop off a Christmas wish list.

  8. looking very festive!!! love the gingerbread man!!!


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