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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farmhouse Christmas...come on in ya'll

Lillie Mae (sweet litl' o me) woke up this morning and baked Matthew some wonderful cinnamon rolls. Usually breakfast is a little more nutritious since we are schooling in the mornings, but it's ok to junk it once in a while. Especially during the holidays. Last weekend I went ahead and packed my beautiful fall decorations up and decorated the kitchen for Christmas. I think my Christmas linens and other kitchen decorations are more casual and of couse a lot brighter with a lot of reds.

I decorated our living room weeks ago, but decided that was a big mistake. What was I thinking? Wayne and Matthew were still in the middle of putting the stone up on the fireplace and now we're planning to get a new HDTV, hang it on the wall, and paint the walls. Ugh, all of this was a BIG mistake. We'll get it together though and we'll survive. So to make that story short, a posting of the living room will have to come later.

If I have not said it before, I'm in LUV with my kitchen. It's just a simple farmhouse kitchen and that is exactly what we set out for when we remodeled almost two years ago. It is big and centered; therefore, heavily used. I take pride in keeping it as clean as possible, as pretty and decorated as possible, and in welcoming friends and family in for coffee, supper, etc. I also enjoy cooking and baking more than ever!

Remember the dollhouse size pie safe I found at Mule Day a few Saturdays ago? I've only been able to find a couple of good quality fake food pieces to sit inside, but I think it looks nice. It looks like Chef Gingerbread has been a busy lit'l man, baking for Christmas.

Above, Happy Snowman cookie jar is just sitting on the counter close to the oven. he knows that soon he'll be filled with warm sugar cookies.

The picture below is the top of my pie safe. Wayne built my cedar pie safe years ago and it houses all of my baking needs and the middle shelf has my small appliances on it. All I have to do is reach in and get the crock pot, blender, toaster, etc. I am addicted to pip berries and I think they look wonderful in my favorite basket. Wayne watched a man weave this basket at a heritage type festival and purchased it from him when it was finished.

My tea cart that I wish was oblong instead of oval, gives me the perfect place to sit my little gingerbread tree and a few of my favorite trays.

Below is our Cracker Barrel tree, as we call it. We don't call it that because of the ornaments. It isn't full of Cracker Barrel ornaments. It just reminds us of their trees with baskets of items under it. It stands just inside my hallway, at the edge of the kitchen.

My Christmas china is mismatched. Back in the eighties I inherited six Taylor Smith Taylor Holiday Wreath plates. That's it, they were all alone. From that day forward I've been adding anything I see that blends in. We seldom use it because the red berries are not in very good condition on the plates. Besides, Christmas time is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Nice pretty red disposable plates just make more since.

Those Gooseberry Patch ladies keep on making the fronts of these cookbooks prettier and prettier. My mom and I have started sitting ours around as part of our kitchen dacor. What did all of us country girls do before Gooseberry Patch? I can't remember. My favorite scents are apple and cinnamon for filling our home with this time of year. Just about all day I had a red hot cinnamon potpourri simmering on the back burner. Actually it got so strong I had to turn it off. My eyes were burning!

Well, I hope all of you enjoy the rest of the pictures below. Keep coming back and visiting Lillie Mae Acres because I'll be posting more pictures as decorations are placed around our home just where they need to be. I'm doing some DEEP cleaning as I go, so it seems like it's taking forever.

I love weaving a garland of pip berries through my light fixture for whatever season of the year it is.

My little recipe desk over in the corner.

This is my cherished pie safe built by my sweet hubby. I try to keep a pretty apron hanging on it so it's easy to grab when needed.


  1. Hi...found your blog recently and enjoy it very much!

    This year I'm collecting Christmas Romance Novels, but I see that I need to start at least getting the Christmas Gooseberry Patch recipe books...good recipes and good decor too!

    Love your apron too!☺

  2. everything looks wonderful! I love the prim tree:)

  3. Very cute decorations. I am a GBP girl myself. Love them. Your house is too adorable.

  4. Thank you ladies! I'm trying my best to get it all done by early next week.


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