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Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Christmas Nail ... a project for you to work on as a family

Years ago I was browsing through a Christian store's catalog and just stopped right in my tracks! They had a Christmas Nail ornament for your tree, but it was huge and expensive. I didn't like the size of it and I surely didn't like the price of it. I instantly wanted one for our family tree and one for everyone that we knew. I knew I couldn't afford that!

At the time, I also had the bulletin ministry at my church and I wanted to give something like this to everybody along with the bulletin on the Sunday before Christmas. Wayne, that sweet hubby of mine told me he could get nails like that at the hardware store and we could make them.

He came home with concrete cut nails. They are only 3 inches long, light in weight, and very inexpensive. I found very thin red ribbon and looked up the poem that goes with it. I printed the poem as I wanted using Micro. Word.

Below is the poem and instructions which are supposed to be handed out with each nail. I printed these off and each one was about 3" X 4", and I browned the edges of the paper with either marker or shoe polish. I hope you and your family are blessed by this little project.

~~~~~~~The Christmas Nail~~~~~~~~

It secured His manger cradle one starlit Christmas dawn,
and affixed the rugged beams of the cross He died upon...
And thus it is a symbol of all we celebrate together -
His birth, His life, His death, and our life in Him forever.
So may this special ornament on your tree remind you of
Christ's sacrifice - the price of the greatest kind of love.
Instructions for hanging the Christmas Nail:
this unique ornament links Christmas to Easter.
It is meant to be hung on a branch, near the trunk,
known only to the home that understands it's significance.
It is placed as a reminder that the Christmas tree
foreshadows the Christ-tree which only He could
decorate for us, ornamented with nails such as this.


As you can see, it won't be the prettiest ornament on your Christmas tree. It's not meant to be.


  1. This is perfect Lillie Mae. Each year at Christmas time, our church congregation exchanges Christmas cards. I love putting something in mine like a bookmark or a special read. This would be perfect to include in my cards this year. Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this posting. I have another little ornament project that I will post real soon. I just have to get the pictures together. I made it the following Christmas to hand out with the church bulletins.

  3. Hey Lillie Mae! Thanks for poppin over to my blog! How much do I love that pie safe below?!?!?!?! I see them for like 30 bucks in catalogues! What a great find! ~Terry


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