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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you ready ladies?

It's almost here. Are you ready ladies? I love this time of year and I love giving thanks to my wonderful God. I don't hold all my thankfulness in all year and wait to thank Him just on Thanksgiving. I praise Him and thank Him throughout each and every day, still Thanksgiving Day means so much to me. I have so much to be thankful for. God is such a powerful God!

Do you have your menu and ingredients standing by for Wednesday? Mine is. I plan to make my pies Wednesday, and that's why I just had to post this short post tonight.

I love Martha Stewart, and she was on the FLN network all weekend with her Thanksgiving specials. The one thing that stood out was the little leaves for her pumpkin pies. She used extra pie crust to cut out leaves for the tops. She used a small leaf cookie cutter but also did a few free hand for those of us that don't have a small leaf cookie cutter. I could have searched for one in the city today, but I decided not to. You can bet your bottom dollar that Lillie Mae will have one next year though. You know that I'll take one of those wonderful coupons from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and hit the Wilton isle.
I really enjoyed cutting these out, and YES as you can see I used a store bought crust. I've NEVER claimed to be Betty Crocker. I'm more the semi-homemade type like Sandra Lee. Anyway, I can't wait to make my pies now and put these little darlins' on them. I'll try my best to remember to take pictures.

By the way, Banjo is so excited about Christmas, he's already sending out his wishes. Silly dog!


  1. LOL...Banjo is the cutest Santa I've ever seen!!!! I use the store bought crust too, I love it!

  2. I'm ready!!
    I hope you have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!!!


  3. Nothing wrong with store bought especially if it tastes good. Your leaves look great and I'm sure they will add just the right touch to your pies.


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