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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That Wonderful New Stuff called CHALK INK

I finally found Chalk Ink without having to order it. That just made me so much happier than I already was yesterday! If you've looked online for it, you've noticed how $$EXPENSIVE $$ it is. With all of us ladies going chalkboard crazy these days in our kitchens, I knew I could wait it out until a cheaper brand came out or the stores started selling them. A couple of months ago, I called around and even looked around for myself, but the Michaels or Hobby Lobby near me neither one had them. Of course places like Walmart and KMart didn't have them either, but I looked just to make sure.

Yesterday, I asked again at the Michaels since I was in there. I was so surprised when the girl said yes and took me to them. The four pack is only $11.99. Way cheaper than ordering online! The best part is that I didn't even pay that much because of a very nice lady with an extra 40% coupon. She was a tall, beautiful, well dressed lady that was letting her Christian light shine in a register line that was just too long and way too slow. We had already smiled at one another and I instantly noticed all of that about her. We started talking, and she mentioned that she had an extra coupon. Of course I thanked her, and the conversation went right to church. We exchanged with one another where we each go to church and then told each other to have a blessed day. Don't you just love running into sweet people? Small and simple things like that just make my day. I like being a person that let's others see my light. I also like noticing people just like her in crowds, I think because it just reminds us how beautiful God is. When you have Him in your heart, you are beautiful too.

My kitchen chalkboard has history. That's right, it's old! The wooden frame used to be this awful "public school government issued green". Hehe, you know the standard color from the seventies. That's why the chalkboard paint is also green instead of black. I like the green part though, although everyone else has fresher looking black ones. It works for me. I changed the frame to match my personality and my kitchen, which are both the same!
Below is my little kitchen chalkboard hanging over in the corner. I've been having to use regular chalk on it, but sure am glad I don't anymore.

I'm already enjoying my new toys, see my artwork.
I'm not likely to forget the nice lady in Michaels anytime soon. She really blessed me and I hope I blessed her as well.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I've been wanting to make a chalkboard and get some of those neat pens! You're blog is really cute!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. HI! I just had to tell tat your chalkboard is so adorable, especially with the little knobs that are on it! Perfect for hanging a few aprons! (I have the chalk pens but need to get busy making my chalkboard!)

  3. I luv the chalkboard markers too, I'll have to get some. My chalkboard is rooster shaped ! lol
    Make sure you write a little reminder on your chalkboard " Make a trip to Cracker Barrel" LOL
    HUGSSSS ~ Benita

  4. Hi! Thank for stopping by. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog. I will be back soon! :)

  5. o now I have to go see what chalk ink is!!


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