Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, October 26, 2009

Organized n Spicy!

This post is just me, rambling on about Lillie Mae Acres' farmhouse kitchen and how it works best for me.
I swore that when my kitchen got remodeled, I'd have a whole cabinet for my spices. I enjoy cooking, and it just helps to see exactly what I have and how much I have in spices. This little corner was not supposed to have a cabinet in it, but that oh so sweet hubby of mine decided to put a small one up just for spices. It works perfect for me.

I also wanted a small space as something like a coffee center so sugar and cream didn't have to sit out on the counter. It's close to the coffee pot where friends can doctor up their own coffee as they like. I drink my coffee black most of the time, but just thought I'd cater to the people I love. The spoons are just below and the refrigerater is a few steps away with the creamers. This works out perfect too. I know the cabinet looks a little messy, but you can't stack coffee cups neat. Also, we all seem to have a favorite one, that's why a lot of them don't match. Then there's the dish towels. All those dish towels that used to get crammed in a tiny drawer and stayed a big ole' mess.
I devoted a large drawer in the pantry to these. I try my best to keep them as neat as possible. Oh, and check out my three old hot pads. I remember that I got them as suvenirs from a trip to the Smoky Mountains a long, long time ago. They are tin sign replicas with insulated cardboard backs. I love using them, they just wipe clean. Finally, I just have to show you my fine set of glassware. Our prized tea and juice glasses are just simple ole' canning and jelly jars. I LUV them! My goodness, when you step inside our home you really shouldn't be surprised by canning jars for glasses. There's never been a better tea glass invented according to a lot of folks, including us. The real reason they work so well is that they are so thick. Everyday glassware is usually so thin, they get broke so easy.
Well, I said it would be a post of me just rambling on. That let's you know that it was a pretty relaxing weekend with nothing exciting going on. Next weekend will be pretty busy. I'm looking forward to going to a church fall festival next Saturday and visiting an out of town church Sunday morning where The Bluegrass Pilgrims are singing at both events.

A few posts back in late September, I made my mom a Lemon Crunch cake for her birthday party. Well, I've made it again but changed the iceing a little. Instead of just milk and powdered sugar, I added two drops of yellow food coloring and a teaspoon of lemon extract. The lemon flavor enhanced the lemon cake and I like it better. If you haven't tried that cake yet, go back to that post and get the recipe. It really is a yummy and easy cake to whip up to take somewhere or just to have something sitting around to nibble on with afternoon coffee.


  1. You have great organization skills and I love those old hot pads! The cake looks dee-licious!!!

  2. your kitchen is so organized!!! that cake does look very yummy!!!


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