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Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, October 9, 2009

Just This and That!

As I sit here typing, I'm sipping hot chocolate. Don't ask me why because the only chill in the air is when the air conditioner comes on. We're ending a long week of very warm days, muggy and thick aired.
The nights haven't been much better, and there isn't much change coming in the forecast. Oh well, at least we're all safe, happy, healthy, and have air conditioning to come on and give us a chill. So for that, I'm very thankful to God. This post will be just me rambling on probably, with some pictures mixed in of my front porch decorated for fall.
I know I promised in an earlier post that I'd post pictures of it decorated. I never really spent the time to decorate it like I usually do. I wouldn't let myself because of our dog. We haven't had a puppy in a long time, I'm remembering just how destructive the little boogers can be. As soon as I got the porch half way decorated, I lost a scarecrow to large white teeth. Poor thing was scattered in small piles of straw and pieces of burlap all over the front yard. That stopped me from doing anymore decorating this year.I know, little Banjo looks so innocent and he is just so cute wagging his tail with joy all the time, but don't be fooled! He's as guilty as can be and he's lucky that we love him. He is cute, isn't he? That's why he's spoiled rotten! I don't know what kind of front porch decorating I'll be able to do for Christmas, we'll just have to see.

Tonight was a joy! I went up to my mom's and cooked two big pots of chili for the family. Everyone showed up to eat, visit, and shower my niece Mandy with baby gifts. She'll deliver her sweet little sugary pink cupcake next Wednesday, and we thought this would be fun to do for her.
I made these precious little cupcakes for her, and got to use my cupcake stand that I never hardly get to use. Actually I haven't had it that long. Isn't it cute, and a much better way to display cupcakes than just on a platter. They were so yummy, the yellow frosting was lemon and the pink was cream cheese.

We had already gone into town Thursday night and enjoyed a good time at a shower that was given for my other prego niece Brittany. Wow, all this late night celebrating and partying is gonna catch up with me.
This is almost too much for poor ole' Lillie Mae, I'm usually in my flannel gown and night cap by 7:00 in the evening and just sitting around or cleaning up the kitchen. (I do not wear a flannel gown and night cap, I just thought it would sound funny)! Anyway, I am usually in my pj's by then.

Wayne and I plan to hit the road and go to a Bluegrass festival where Matthew is Saturday. That'll be fun and relaxing, I can't wait to see my boy either! I hope all of you have a wonderful, safe, and relaxing weekend too.


  1. Hi there! I love your rustic decorating and LOVE cute, innocent Banjo!!!!

  2. Your country porch is so inviting ~ I hope the weather cools down for ya ! Poor ole Banjo ~ just looking for some fun !! LOL The pink cupcakes look yummy too. Enjoy your time w/ Matthew this weekend !!


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