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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chilly Chili Florida

Well, fall weather finally made it's way down here to the southland. It takes it's time every year, and it want be able to make up it's mind for about another month. Our night temps have been in the 40's for several nights now. Starting tomorrow night it'll creep back up a little. The days are warm, sometimes too warm as soon as the sun comes out. Today reached the 90's. Yep, from 40's to 90's! That's good ole' Florida for you! It means we have to dress for the warm weather, not the cool. If you could have seen me today, you would have laughed. I had on cropped sweats, a short sleeved t shirt, and uggs. NO, I do not have a picture to post! It wasn't cute, but it was comfy.

Tonight for supper we had chili. I cleaned my little country home all day, changed out the comforter on our bed to my pretty Christmas one, used my clothesline for a lot of laundry, and had a big pot of chili slow cooking. I got a lot done! I've been slowly putting out Christmas decorations here and there since the weekend. Our big tree is up in the living room, and I started on my bedroom today. The kitchen will stay decorated for fall along with the front porch until after Thanksgiving. Hey, it works for us!

I went to cuddle and get some sugars from my new little niece yesterday. I also went to a new Walmart that's in the city, it's supposedly a mega center. One of the largest ones in the country. A prototype of what's coming to your town too soon!
I loved visiting, cuddling, and sugaring my precious little niece but I did not like the new Walmart. Too huge, too scattered, too much of a warehouse feel to it! I'm not a Walmart Queen like a lot of ladies (my little sister is the top queen), so it did not impress me at all. I like grocery shopping at grocery stores. I'm not in love with Walmart supercenters, but I do go to one in town for toiletries and things. Anyway, that's my humble opinion on how Walmart is continuing to ruin America these days. They're just going to get BIGGER and BIGGER until they are the only store left in every town in America.

Back to visiting my little pink princess cupcake Lily yesterday. I have this HUGE black purse that Matthew and Wayne make fun of. They call it a suitcase! Anyway, I just happened to be using it yesterday, when the thought hit me that maybe I could get away with smuggling Lily home in it. I even asked my pretty little niece Mandy (Lily's proud mommy)to give her to me and she can just have another one. She said NO, so I guess I'll just have to settle for visiting when I can. Me and Matthew enjoyed going over and spending time with them, although Matthew would not even hold her. Like a lot of guys, he was scared. He all but admitted it! So, since I couldn't bring the lit'l princess home, I just snuggled up with my baby Banjo when I got here. He's just not as pretty, doesn't smell as good, and I don't want to give him a lot of kisses all over! He's our baby though. Lily's 8 year old brother had made some halloween lollipops that they called Lilypops over the weekend. They were chocolate and yummy! He was in school when his mommy let us try them yesterday so Matthew owes him a phone call to tell him how delicious they were. She said they used candy molds. I've never done that before.

Oh, back to grocery shopping! I started buying ingredients yesterday for what I plan to cook for Thanksgiving. Don't you just love this time of year? I'll buy several ingredients each week now, that way my grocery budget want be shocked! I know for a fact that I'm baking at least one pumpkin pie as usual, but also a sweet potatoe pie. Wayne plans to travel to visit with his uncle Saturday and they are going tomato picking at a huge u-pick farm. I told him to get a bunch because I want to try making salsa this year. I've never put up salsa, but I'm gonna give it a try! His collards are coming up, so hopefully we'll have enough to put in the freezer. Usually he fries a big mess of collards on Thanksgiving day, that's a tradition for our home. Just as soon as I have room on the stove for him to work his magic, he does. If you've never eaten fried collards, you have to ty them. They are so YUMMY! Not healthy, since they're fried in bacon grease, but very yummy.

We're fixing to go sit on the porch before bedtime. Here in Florida, it's official " porch sittin' " weather!


  1. What a cutie!! And the chili sounds like a great idea when it cools down here a little more in Texas.

    I KNOW a good cook like you has a fav dessert recipe to share. So hop over soon!!

  2. Oh I want a Lily! She is so precious. Sounds like you had a busy but good day other than the Wal-Mart trip.
    I can't believe you are decorating for Christmas already. I was just telling my mother in law the other day that I'm not even sure I am going to decorate this year. She said the mood just hasn't struck me yet but she knows it will. I'm not so sure myself.
    Enjoy your week,

  3. You are just too organized -- getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Good for you -- watch me be scrambling when these holidays roll around! And that baby is too precious! There's nothing like a good cuddle with a babe.


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