Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Busy Me!

Boy oh boy, have I been a busy lady! It's been a hectic week around Lillie Mae Acres. Matthew's school year ends in mid October with our schooling program. He went off to a Bluegrass festival last weekend and didn't get home until Sunday evening. Of course I let him take Monday off and rest like any good mom would do, but he knew what faced him Tuesday morning. Ever since Tuesday, we've been busy finishing up with odd papers, end of lessons, and I've been completing my part of the paperwork. We're trying to get everything off in the mail before our deadline. I know what you're thinking, October is an odd month for a school term to end. It is, but it works perfect for us and our lifestyle. Now that boy is gone again. He worked his fingers to the bone so he could leave again and take his banjo off to another Bluegrass festival. We packed last night and I drove him to catch his ride this morning. April and October of each year are Bluegrass festival months, so it'll be over soon enough. Poor ole' me, he'll be gone until Sunday and I already miss him.
So does our German Shepherd dog Banjo, so he's being spoiled more than usual. He turned 11 months old on October 3, but he is such a baby. Well, he's a baby until his well bred instincts are needed. He's like a lot of males, a real softy but able to be tough when he needs to be. Most people won't dare come through our gate unless we assure them it's ok. That's my boy, the best security system you can have. Of course, the picture does not do the tough side of him justice.

On a different note, now that I have our home filled with fall scents and decorations, I sometimes long for a flavored coffee. I normally drink my coffee black. That's my usual. Around this time each year it just seems like the flavors are calling, caramel especially. I love Coffee-mate Vanilla Caramel. It's fat free and so yummy! I'll usually get up in the morning, drink about a half cup black, then have a cup with this in it. You just don't know what you're missing if you haven't tried it. I'd like a cup right now but it's too late. I'd never get to sleep!

I went baby shower shopping today for two neices, each will deliver sweet little cupcakes real soon. One neice is having a pink princess cupcake next week, and the other one is having a blue prince cupcake just before Thanksgiving. Anyway, all I can say is WOW! I couldn't afford a baby now if I wanted another one. It's been a long time since I've had to buy diapers and wipes, have you priced them lately? Even the little itty bitty socks are expensive now. I know, babies are worth ever cent you spend on them.

I'm going up to my mom's and cooking two BIG pots of chili Friday night for whoever in the family wants to show up. Oh, they'll be there! You know, I don't think I make my chili the same way everytime. I guess when I'm picking up the ingredients, I change it around a little. I hope it turns out, if not they wouldn't dare say anything. I hope not anyway, because they are all getting a FREE meal, hehe. I haven't got to use my wonderful little Wilton cupcake stand in a while, so I'm excited about making some cupcakes for dessert.
I discovered cupcake stands not long ago and just had to have one. So I patiently waited for Michael's to put me a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper, and I ran right down and got me one. I love it, and it looks beautiful loaded with cupcakes. I'll make sure I take a picture. I guess I'll say goodnight and go crawl in my big ole' comfortable bed. It's calling my name!

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  1. I think thats nice that Matthew is finished with school work in October, it gives you time to relax more during the holidays! I'm sure your family will ♥ your chili, we all know that you are a wonderful cook !! ( Not to mention the yummy cupcakes!) I like flavored coffees too during the cold months, I've gotta get me some now that you mentioned it ! Have a great weekend Denise and it's so nice to hear from you again !


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