Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blue Ribbon joy

I'm just so pleased and proud. A little over a week ago, I packed one of my many baskets from my collection with pride. Home canned items for the county fair! Some of what I thought were my best, to be judged. I had been waiting for this day to come, and had already been picking out the prettiest jars from my shelves of jams, preserves, pickles, etc. This was my first year entering in the fair, so I was excited. Well, last week was the fair and since we didn't want to go, I had to wait until today (Sunday) to find out if all my hard work was awarded anything. Of course, most of the joy of canning comes from the pleased looks on family and friend's faces. But still, I sure did say a little prayer that the judges would like my stuff too! Wayne and I stood in the long line waiting and waiting for one of the people to let us go back and pick up my items. It seemed like thirty minutes, but I'm sure it wasn't. Everytime the girl handed a jar to me, I smiled BIGGER! My stewed tomatoes, pear honey, garlic dill pickles, and fig preserves all won 1st place ribbons! My spiced pear jam won a 2nd place ribbon! I did not expect the outcome to be that good. I'm so thankful! I'm so happy! If my wonderful hubby and son did not work so hard gardening and didn't love the country life and thrifty living as much as I do, I couldn't do it alone. Their support of my efforts to can and preserve helps me a lot. They deserve the "Family Blue Ribbon". And since I don't have fruit trees on my land, our wonderful friends that introduced me to their wonderful pear tree deserves the "Friends Blue Ribbon". I have the best friends. I have a wonderful friend with a peach tree and blueberry bushes, friends with a pear tree, etc., etc. I love going and picking whatever is ripe and ready to eat, preserve, cook, etc.

What a day today has been. Wayne and I had to travel up the road a bit to another little country town and pick Matthew up this morning. He traveled with good friends to another Bluegrass festival last Wednesday, and came back home with them in the early morning hours. Wayne and I traveled up to where the festival was yesterday and really had a lot of fun. I had not seen Matthew since last Wednesday, so I was ready to go see my boy!
That's Matt wearing a white t shirt in both pictures above. He was glad to see us, but he had pickin' to do! He wasn't gonna slow down just because maw and paw came up to see him.
The pictures above are just some of the festival grounds covered with campers. The old school house is about to fall down. Melony and I went inside, it's just full of memories hanging all over the walls, and there is water damage so bad. It's really scary, the ceiling is caving in in a lot of areas and several outside walls are already crumbled. Blue tarps are the only thing hanging on several sides, but not doing a good job of keeping the elements out. They actually all ate breakfast in there, and that surprised me since the floors felt rotten under our feet and had caved in in some spots. What a walk through history! I enjoyed it.

The picture below is Wayne and our good friend Melony. She's a living doll. God has really blessed her life and her and her hubby are wonderful Christian people. We're very thankful to them for inviting Matthew to travel around with them.
Matthew just can't put them instruments down. If someone is willing to pic with him, he's ready!
The old building below was a home. Can't you just imagine a large family living in it? I would have loved to see the inside, but it wasn't open. Above is my sweet hubby Wayne. He loves boiled peanuts more than anything! I guess if he has God, Bluegrass music, a bag of boiled peanuts, and a Coke Zero then he's having the best day a man could have!

Well faithful readers, that was Lillie Mae's exciting weekend. It was a good one, filled with God's blessings and beauty. We're healthy, safe, and happy. I hope each of you have a wonderful evening, I've got to get up from here and bake some fish for supper! My guys will be hungry afterwhile.


  1. You are just sooo sweet ~ you are always thinking of others and giving them credit and you don't have a selfish bone in your body!! You are the best friend, mother and wife anyone could want !! I'm so happy for your blue ribbons ~ you deserve them and I'm sure they are yummy !! You have done a great job raising your son, and this world would be a better place if all teenagers were as good as Matthew is, and had loving parents like he does !!
    P.S: ~ I'd luv to have that cute lil cabin ~ it could be soooo cute & cozy !!
    Thanks for another wonderful post !!

  2. Aaah, Benita, you've made me cry. You get a "Great Friend Blue Ribbon" girl. You are just too sweet. I sure wish we lived by each other, can you just imagine what we could find to get into? Thank you so much my sweet friend.
    That cabin on the same property is also about to fall down. I love old buildings too and would luv to have one.
    Luv n hugz from my lit'l country home,
    Lillie Mae

  3. Congratulations on all those blue ribbons! Excellent work -- and so nice to be rewarded with top awards.
    -- Jodi

  4. Hi Lillie Mae, congratulations on those blue ribbons. I really enjoyed your fun!

    Barb ♥

  5. Wow!! Congratulations on all your ribbons. That's amazing! I wish our county fair did canning. :)


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