Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, September 11, 2009

***Remembering September 11***

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I remember my heart pounding, feeling weak, helpless, sick to my stomach. I was at work in a local elementary school as the paraprofessional (asst. teacher) to 18-20 little precious four year olds. The lead teacher and I were and still are very close friends. The principal was going to each classroom making sure the televisions were off. We were leading our long line back to the classroom after playing on the playground, they were all tired, hungry, thirsty, and excited. The principal whispered to us what was happening. My friend just started telling me that her sister worked for the pentagon, she started trying to call her parents for information. We both remembered there was an empty classroom behind ours and we could take turns going over there and secretly watch that t.v., so she and I did that in between trying to call her parents. Her parents had not heard anything from their daughter or son in law.
We were both so blessed that our young sons were both safe and secure right there in the same elementary school. Mine was sitting safe in a 2nd grade classroom and her son was in a kindergarten classroom. We wanted to go get them as parents were checking out students every few minutes it seemed. We understood, I think all parents wanted their babies in their arms. That was good for us because she was so worried about her sister and we could hardly even go on with lesson plans. I don't think we did, it being PreK, I think we just let them play.
Things have never been the same. Everyone can say that! My son was very young, but I did not hide the reality from him. He knows how precious our country, flag, pride, joy, loyalty, etc. is and should be. We value our freedom of religion so greatly. If America as a whole country would just wake up and keep God as the center of everything instead of trying to remove Him.
My friends sister was just fine, very much a nervous wreck, but unharmed. God is a good God and He gets us through these awful times. I wouldn't want to live a second of a minute of an hour of a day without Him.


  1. Hi Lillie Mae, wasn't that an unbelievable day for our country? May God bless us that nothing like that should ever happen again!

    Blessings, Barb

  2. God's grace and mercy is good!!

  3. Hi thanks so much for following my blog.I see you have a "puppy" that resembles ours. Is he a shepard?Ours is shepard akita mix.We luv her soo much.She is a great dog and so smart.

  4. Hi Lillie Mae
    I remember that day too. My husband was out of town on business and couldn't fly back home to me. He tried everything he could. I was so upset. That day has truly changed all of our lives here in America.


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