Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Pumpkin Patch

Nestled in a corner of my little farmhouse kitchen, is a pumpkin patch. There are various colors and sizes, sitting all plump and beautiful ready to bring a little homespun happiness to whoever stops by for coffee and zucchini muffins. Years ago I decided to hand make a lot of decorations for our home. Especially for the holidays. I hand made the four large cloth pumpkins almost 11 years ago. They have been used throughout our home each fall season ever since.
I didn't plan to use them this year, just because I decided to not decorate as much as I have in the past. When I mentioned that I'd left them in the shed, Matthew let me know that he liked them and wanted them in here. Wow, who knew that a boy (now a teen) had really paid attention all these years to some ole' cloth pumpkins made by his mama! Made me feel real good though!

I found these cute little recipe cards last year around this time. They are mainly to hand write my recipes on for anyone that asks me for one. I just thought passing on a recipe on a pretty card would be special. I like receiving hand written recipes from others. I think I found them at either Michael's or Target. When I pulled them out to keep handy throughout fall, it reminded me that I need to look for more. I also have some real pretty Christmas ones. The ceramic pumpkin sittin' in the chair is actually Matthew's cookie jar his grandmother gave him years ago.
I remember telling myself that I wasn't going to decorate that much this year, and there's still plenty more pictures of fall decorating coming up, still got that porch to finish. I'm glad you stopped by to enjoy my posting. Come on back as soon as you can!


  1. That's so sweet that Matthew remembered those pumpkins and wanted you to use them again!! Kids sure do love traditions, my kids still talk about all the things we did when they were children. I can't wait to see pics of your porch now Denise !

  2. Thanks Benita. A mom does appreciate it when her hard works and efforts are noticed. I know I love tradition so I'm glad my kid does too. And I also I appreciate you Benita for your continuing to encourage me on this new 'Blog venture" I've stepped out on.

  3. Hi Lillie Mae, your pumpkins are cute. I also posted about fabric pumpkins. I just adore them and make them every year.

    Cute post!!

    Barb :-)

  4. Thank you Barb. I'm fixing to check your pumpkins out. I have not made any since making these, I made so many that year. I remember giving one to each sister and my mom, then school teachers of Matt. Can't wait to see yours!

  5. I love your hand made pumpkins!!! I have not ventured into that yet...YET...but one day I will!

  6. I adore your blog and your homemade pumpkins are so cute! Last year I thought that I would scale down on the decor and got the same reaction from my teens. It really showed me how much we Mommas contribute to our childrens memories. What a blessed feeling that is :) Needless to say, I squashed the scale back plan!



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