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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harvest Goodies from Cracker Barrel

Hubby knows how much I love Cracker Barrel Rest. and Country Stores. We have some near us, the closest being about 80 miles north of here. Just the other day he took me on a little road trip to that Cracker Barrel, the flea market close to it, and the town also has some real nice antique malls. It being a Sunday (I know, we should have been in church), the antique malls were closed. The flea market was booming though. I plundered my way through and came out with a few real bargains. Anyway, back to Cracker Barrel! I was a little disapointed that the fall home dacor is not on sale yet. I know they probably just stocked, but it seems like this time last year they already marked it 30 - 40% off. Hubby promised to take me back in a couple of weeks. I decided to post last year's fall goodies from CB. The pretty spoon rest above and my beautiful Thanksgiving apron in the picture below. I also get my Old Virginia soy candles from CB, and the other day when I was shopping around I noticed they have 3 different triple scented jars for fall. I can't afford and don't need all three! How will I choose? For you apron lovers, they have a pretty little apron this year too. And they also have another style spoon rest, but as you'll see in another picture, goodness gracious I already have three fall spoon rests!

I do love little spoon rests to sit beside my stove and help keep the countertop clean, plus they are pretty. I use them everyday, not just for decoration. I somehow managed to collect three different ones to use throughout the fall season. The one from CB, a beautiful Turkey that I think I found at Ross a year or two ago, and a beautiful one that looks old and made out of clay but I know it's not because I bought it new. I like to rotate them throughout the season. I might just talk myself into getting the one CB has this year too, but I sure don't need it.
Oh, and the pie safe that my apron is hanging on was made by my wonderful hubby. He can make anything. I love my pie safe. I have my small appliances nestled neatly on one shelf so all I have to do is walk over, get it, use it, and put it back. Out of sight! Two shelves are neatly arranged with baking accessories and pans all lined up so I can see what I have. I also store my beautiful Christmas china and dishes inside.
I'm real excited about this time of the year, as I'm sure you can tell. I still don't have the porch finished, but promise to take pics and post as soon as I do. Right now my home has the scent of the Old Virginia candle that I bought last year flowing through it and it's past my bedtime. I guess I'll blow the candle out and go to bed. I'll praise God for this beautiful day and my many blessings as I drift off. When morning comes and I awake, I'll praise God for another breath of life and another beautiful blessed morning.


  1. I'm glad you made it to CB Denise ~ I'll let you know when the fall stuff goes on sale too! I luv the pie safe your hubby made, he is very handy !! I can't wait to see all of your Christmas decorations this year too !! Thanks for another great blog post !! LUV YA !!
    xoxo Benita

  2. Thanks for keeping me posted on good ole' CB. I noticed all their Christmas too, but was not worried about plundering through that yet! I will though!


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