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Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bluegrass Music Saturday

What a fun filled day Saturday was. Although the weather man said it would be raining, the rain held off so some locals could enjoy wonderful Bluegrass music. Matthew belongs to a Bluegrass Gospel group called The Bluegrass Pilgrims and they performed along with a few other groups. The park is a beautiful place with a lot of large shade trees. The perfect location for an outdoor sing.Wayne and I really enjoyed ourselves. It got a little too hot at times, but the clouds would move in and the breeze would kick up to cool everyone off.
Hot dogs and cold drinks were served, and it was such a casual atmosphere that if you saw someone you hadn't seen in a while, you could just get up and go chat a while.

Of course we were tired when we finally packed up and left. Wayne surprised me and Matthew by stopping by for some Mexican food on the way home, which just happens to be our favorite.We sure came home tired! I can't wait until the weather actually cools off around here so more fun filled days and events like this one are even more enjoyable.
Well, tomorrow is my mom's birthday so I'll be cooking a spaghetti supper for everyone. I came across a recipe for a Lemon Crunch cake, so please make sure you come back soon. I'll post the cake recipe if it turns out to be as delicious as it looks in the picture.


  1. My second husband was quite the folk musician. He played banjo, guitar, mandolin and something I'm blocking on at the moment. (Yep, I'm married a third time. This will be my last, so help me. He's a doctor; doesn't have a creative bone in his body. But he knows medicine like the back of his hand!)

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing day in the park to enjoy some music from that talented son of yours! And the mexican food was such a nice surprise for you too ~ maybe next time it will be Cracker Barrel !!

  3. We are Bluegrass fans, especially that banjo sound. Matthew and his dad built his banjo just the way Matt wanted it to look and sound so he better get our $$ worth out of it! Just kidding, we all love it.
    If we had been anywhere close to a CB Benita, that would have been visited, at least the store. No CB for a lot of miles though. Boo Hoo.
    Thanks girls for the comments.


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