Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lemon Crunch Pound Cake

Hey there! I hope all of you are enjoying beautiful fall weather. A cold front is coming all the way down to Florida this evening and where I live is supposed to be in the 50's overnight. Maybe it'll stick around for a while. This is good porch sittin' weather around here. I think I'll see if that hard working hubby of mine will relax on the front porch tonight after supper with a glass of tea.
As promised, I'm posting the recipe to the cake I baked last night for my mom's birthday. Can you believe that the above picture is the only one I took of the cake? This is little Sammy, and YES he's sitting in my mom's kitchen floor (yes, the cake is on the floor) spooning the iceing over it. Hey, this lit'l feller just had open heart surgery so we're pretty much letting him get away with anything. He's just so darn cute!
I went to my mom's and cooked spaghetti, corn, rolls, and baked the cake. My sister and her family came over and we all had a real good time.
It was a fun filled evening, my mom seemed to really enjoy her special supper. After the cake and coffee, we all pretty much headed to our homes to crawl in our beds. Happy with full tummies!


350 degrees
45 min - 1 hour Tube Pan

4 eggs (beat frothy)
Yellow boxed cake mix
2/3 c oil
3/4 c water
1 tsp lemon extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 sm pkg lemon instant Jello
1/2 c chopped pecans

Sray Tube Pan & dust with flour
Sprinkle the chopped pecans in the bottom

Mix eggs, boxed cake mix, oil, and water until well blended. Mix in lemon ext., salt, and Jello. Pour into tube pan and bake.

Iceing: Blend together confec. sugar and a little milk until smooth. When the cake is cooled and on plate, drizzle or pour it over.


I sure hope you enjoy this wonderful pound cake! As always, thank you for taking time to read and hopefully enjoy Lillie Mae Acres. You never know what I'll come up with next for a new post.
Since fall is finally in the Florida air, I'm getting in the mood for some chili. I just might have to cook some chili for my cowboys for supper real soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bluegrass Music Saturday

What a fun filled day Saturday was. Although the weather man said it would be raining, the rain held off so some locals could enjoy wonderful Bluegrass music. Matthew belongs to a Bluegrass Gospel group called The Bluegrass Pilgrims and they performed along with a few other groups. The park is a beautiful place with a lot of large shade trees. The perfect location for an outdoor sing.Wayne and I really enjoyed ourselves. It got a little too hot at times, but the clouds would move in and the breeze would kick up to cool everyone off.
Hot dogs and cold drinks were served, and it was such a casual atmosphere that if you saw someone you hadn't seen in a while, you could just get up and go chat a while.

Of course we were tired when we finally packed up and left. Wayne surprised me and Matthew by stopping by for some Mexican food on the way home, which just happens to be our favorite.We sure came home tired! I can't wait until the weather actually cools off around here so more fun filled days and events like this one are even more enjoyable.
Well, tomorrow is my mom's birthday so I'll be cooking a spaghetti supper for everyone. I came across a recipe for a Lemon Crunch cake, so please make sure you come back soon. I'll post the cake recipe if it turns out to be as delicious as it looks in the picture.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yummy with Coffee

Hey there! I just thought I'd share a few yummy recipes with ya'll that I've baked up recently. The recipes will be at the end of this post.
Back when the spring garden was producing so much zucchini, we gave to family and friends, I cooked it up different ways as our vegetable several times a week, and then I ended up freezing grated zucchini in 2 cup portions for the future. Most of the Zucchini muffin, bread, and cake recipes that you'll find all call for 2 cups of grated zucchini. This beautiful and delicious Zucchini Cake is a lot like a Carrot cake in looks and taste. The same cream cheese frosting is used, and nuts are optional. I baked this little thing up for friends one Friday night and we all really enjoyed it with a fresh pot of coffee.

Notice my little wooden prim icing spatula? Hubby made several for me years ago and they are the easiest spatulas to use to spread icing on a cake or cupcakes. Just like your favorite cutting board, it gets wiped off and coated with olive oil. I just love them. I thought the pretty fall ribbon would decorate my cake plate a little, then the next evening I used the same ribbon on my cake carrier to take a pound cake over to supper with friends. Here's the Butter Pound Cake that I baked up and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I went ahead and sliced the pound cake since I knew it would be a casual supper, it's easier to serve yourself.

I was plundering around in some of your blogs and came across an easy Apple Crisp recipe. Since I had a lot of pears that hubby just brought home to me, I decided to try it with pears instead of apples. It turned out pretty yummy, so that was breakfast one morning. Go on over to Barb at Bella Vista and get this recipe for yourself.
Here are the recipes for the Zucchini Cake and the Butter Pound Cake. I really hope you'll give both of them a try and that your family and friends enjoys them as much as we did. Have fun in the kitchen this week!

"Lillie Mae's Zucchini Cake"

1 cup veg. oil
2 c. sugar
3 eggs
2 cups self-rise flour
2 cups grated zucchini
2 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 cup nuts - optional
Blend together oil, sugar, eggs (1 at a time), and flour ( a little at a time).
Stir in grated zucchini, Mix well adding vanilla and cinnamon.
Pour into prepared (lightly oil or line) 2 8" round cake pans

Frost with your favorite Cream Cheese Frosting, nuts optional

Sift flour, b.soda, and b.powder together.
Stir in salt and sugar.
Blend in butter (rm. temp) and eggs (whole, 1 at a time)
Mix well, slowly adding buttermilk and vanilla.

Pour into TUBE Pan - slightly buttered and flour sprinkled.

I like to sprinkle powdered sugar over the top when serving.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cute Lit'l Collection of Recipe Booklets

I just thought I'd share my cute lit'l collection of recipe booklets with ya'll. They're all really old, and some are almost falling apart. Some were my grandmother's and others were my mom's. I hope you can read the brand names on them. I guess my favorite is the Dr. Pepper one. I've collected these booklets for years and flip through them often when looking for something new to cook.
I've seen on some websites that ladies are collecting these now. I wouldn't part with any of these since they were my mom's and grandmom's, but I also have a lot of newer ones that I myself have picked up here and there. If you search brand name websites, a few of the companies do still offer FREE booklets by mail. I'm a big Gooseberry Patch fan, so here's a couple of little booklets other Gooseberry Patch fans will love. If you look up the Sunmaid Raisin website, you'll be able to order two FREE recipe booklets that Gooseberry Patch and Sunmaid Raisins put together. I love them! I saved the best for last! In the next pictures you'll see one of my favorite recipe books in my kitchen. It was my grandmother's. It's not a lit'l booklet, it's a spiral bound book that has recipes submitted by ladies in her church. Everyone probably has a recipe book put together and sold by a church! My grandmother must have loved this one too because she stuffed it full of newspaper clippings, mail, grocery lists, etc. It looks like she was marking the pages with these scraps and pieces of paper. Even more precious than the odd bookmarks is her handwriting on a lot of the pages. I just love using this old recipe book. I have to be very careful with it because it is falling apart.
I designed my kitchen pantry with a plate rack on top and a bookshelf over that. Hubby built the pantry for me as we remodeled our kitchen almost two years ago now. I display some of my nice cookbooks with pretty covers on the shelf, but I have so many! Below, you'll see how I use the double cabinet above my microwave to hold all the extras. The thin lit'l booklets are really hard to keep neat, so I found a real cute wooden crate to keep them in. It helps them stay upright, neat, and keeps them from getting torn. Well friends, I sure hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you. I think I'm fixing to go plunder through some of your blogs at all your latest postings and pictures. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

UPDATE on Sammy prayer request

Hey there. I am on cloud nine, happy as can be, and thankin' my wonderful God for His many many blessings and answered prayers. I want to thank all of you too for praying for my precious little nephew Sammy. I just got the call a few hours ago that he is out of surgery, and everything went well. Our God is a good God and little Sammy will be able to lead a normal, happy, healthy life.
My mom is doing real good too. Her surgery was yesterday and everything went well with that too.
Sammy's was scheduled for yesterday but got postponed because of the team having to perform a heart transplant on another patient. You know, the donor family instantly crossed our minds. So did the recipient and family. Although our hearts were heavy with Sammy's upcoming surgery, it put us in the position of praying for these two families that had a worse situation.
Again, thank you for praying.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayers for Sammy

Hey ya'll. It's been a few days since I've posted, but I've just been here and there, everywhere but home. Matthew belongs to a Bluegrass band so in between practice and a booking Sunday morning, we were busy on the go. All I really have on my heart and mind this afternoon is my nephew Sammy. He also goes by Sam Sam, and he's a precious little thing. I'm asking for your prayers because he will be having Open Heart surgery this Wednesday morning. None of us had any idea that he even had a problem with his little 4 year old heart until a couple of months ago. It all started with a routine visit to his doctor for allergies. What a shock!
You know, our God is a BIG God and He is still in the miracle business. I have no doubt in that, but we are still to pray for ourselves and one another. Please pray for Sammy and his family. I won't get to travel and be with my sister because my mom is having surgery Wednesday morning also. I know my sister and her husband will feel each of your prayers. My mom also needs your prayers. When they are both home, we will all be able to breathe and get back into our routines somewhat. They say when it rains it pours and here lately it has poured around here. That's ok though, we just keep praying and pushing on. Little Sammy will be up and playing before we know it, my mom will be back to her routines, and the holidays will be here for us all to enjoy. We truly do have so much to be thankful for.
Thanks for reading my postings and following along with my blogging. You make sure you come back soon, plunder through my pictures and enjoy yourself.
And again, thank you so much for all your prayers for Sammy and my mom.

P.S. To my new following friend Karen from Nathan's Prayer, I found you through my sister. She posted a prayer request on your page about Samuel, I think on Sept.5. I love your blog and am praying for the requests and your little Nathan. Thank you for following my blog as well.

Friday, September 11, 2009

***Remembering September 11***

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I remember my heart pounding, feeling weak, helpless, sick to my stomach. I was at work in a local elementary school as the paraprofessional (asst. teacher) to 18-20 little precious four year olds. The lead teacher and I were and still are very close friends. The principal was going to each classroom making sure the televisions were off. We were leading our long line back to the classroom after playing on the playground, they were all tired, hungry, thirsty, and excited. The principal whispered to us what was happening. My friend just started telling me that her sister worked for the pentagon, she started trying to call her parents for information. We both remembered there was an empty classroom behind ours and we could take turns going over there and secretly watch that t.v., so she and I did that in between trying to call her parents. Her parents had not heard anything from their daughter or son in law.
We were both so blessed that our young sons were both safe and secure right there in the same elementary school. Mine was sitting safe in a 2nd grade classroom and her son was in a kindergarten classroom. We wanted to go get them as parents were checking out students every few minutes it seemed. We understood, I think all parents wanted their babies in their arms. That was good for us because she was so worried about her sister and we could hardly even go on with lesson plans. I don't think we did, it being PreK, I think we just let them play.
Things have never been the same. Everyone can say that! My son was very young, but I did not hide the reality from him. He knows how precious our country, flag, pride, joy, loyalty, etc. is and should be. We value our freedom of religion so greatly. If America as a whole country would just wake up and keep God as the center of everything instead of trying to remove Him.
My friends sister was just fine, very much a nervous wreck, but unharmed. God is a good God and He gets us through these awful times. I wouldn't want to live a second of a minute of an hour of a day without Him.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harvest Goodies from Cracker Barrel

Hubby knows how much I love Cracker Barrel Rest. and Country Stores. We have some near us, the closest being about 80 miles north of here. Just the other day he took me on a little road trip to that Cracker Barrel, the flea market close to it, and the town also has some real nice antique malls. It being a Sunday (I know, we should have been in church), the antique malls were closed. The flea market was booming though. I plundered my way through and came out with a few real bargains. Anyway, back to Cracker Barrel! I was a little disapointed that the fall home dacor is not on sale yet. I know they probably just stocked, but it seems like this time last year they already marked it 30 - 40% off. Hubby promised to take me back in a couple of weeks. I decided to post last year's fall goodies from CB. The pretty spoon rest above and my beautiful Thanksgiving apron in the picture below. I also get my Old Virginia soy candles from CB, and the other day when I was shopping around I noticed they have 3 different triple scented jars for fall. I can't afford and don't need all three! How will I choose? For you apron lovers, they have a pretty little apron this year too. And they also have another style spoon rest, but as you'll see in another picture, goodness gracious I already have three fall spoon rests!

I do love little spoon rests to sit beside my stove and help keep the countertop clean, plus they are pretty. I use them everyday, not just for decoration. I somehow managed to collect three different ones to use throughout the fall season. The one from CB, a beautiful Turkey that I think I found at Ross a year or two ago, and a beautiful one that looks old and made out of clay but I know it's not because I bought it new. I like to rotate them throughout the season. I might just talk myself into getting the one CB has this year too, but I sure don't need it.
Oh, and the pie safe that my apron is hanging on was made by my wonderful hubby. He can make anything. I love my pie safe. I have my small appliances nestled neatly on one shelf so all I have to do is walk over, get it, use it, and put it back. Out of sight! Two shelves are neatly arranged with baking accessories and pans all lined up so I can see what I have. I also store my beautiful Christmas china and dishes inside.
I'm real excited about this time of the year, as I'm sure you can tell. I still don't have the porch finished, but promise to take pics and post as soon as I do. Right now my home has the scent of the Old Virginia candle that I bought last year flowing through it and it's past my bedtime. I guess I'll blow the candle out and go to bed. I'll praise God for this beautiful day and my many blessings as I drift off. When morning comes and I awake, I'll praise God for another breath of life and another beautiful blessed morning.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Pumpkin Patch

Nestled in a corner of my little farmhouse kitchen, is a pumpkin patch. There are various colors and sizes, sitting all plump and beautiful ready to bring a little homespun happiness to whoever stops by for coffee and zucchini muffins. Years ago I decided to hand make a lot of decorations for our home. Especially for the holidays. I hand made the four large cloth pumpkins almost 11 years ago. They have been used throughout our home each fall season ever since.
I didn't plan to use them this year, just because I decided to not decorate as much as I have in the past. When I mentioned that I'd left them in the shed, Matthew let me know that he liked them and wanted them in here. Wow, who knew that a boy (now a teen) had really paid attention all these years to some ole' cloth pumpkins made by his mama! Made me feel real good though!

I found these cute little recipe cards last year around this time. They are mainly to hand write my recipes on for anyone that asks me for one. I just thought passing on a recipe on a pretty card would be special. I like receiving hand written recipes from others. I think I found them at either Michael's or Target. When I pulled them out to keep handy throughout fall, it reminded me that I need to look for more. I also have some real pretty Christmas ones. The ceramic pumpkin sittin' in the chair is actually Matthew's cookie jar his grandmother gave him years ago.
I remember telling myself that I wasn't going to decorate that much this year, and there's still plenty more pictures of fall decorating coming up, still got that porch to finish. I'm glad you stopped by to enjoy my posting. Come on back as soon as you can!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Fever cure

Hey there, I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday wherever you are. We just had a short rainfall so I guess now that the grass is wet, we'll cut the rest tomorrow. I've had FALL FEVER for a while now, so I thought it was about time to cure it. I've got the kitchen decorated and the front porch. I'm not finished with the porch yet.
I love the colors of fall and wish Florida had a beautiful foliage season like northern states. I've lived here all my life, so fall foliage and winter snow are not a part of our fall and winter weather conditions. We make the most of what we get and enjoy the seasons anyway with decorations and music.
I only decorate the kitchen and the front porch for fall since we like to have our Christmas tree up in the living room for Thanksgiving. I use my Pfaltzgraff china for fall and Thanksgiving and then I'll display and use my Christmas china after that.
Since Cracker Barrel sells Old Virginia Soy Candles around the holidays, I'm looking forward to visiting very soon and picking up a fall triple scented large jar candle. Last year around this time I picked up the Farm Grown style (hot buttered rum,eggnog,hot apple cider) jar. It's not completely gone so I have it burning some evenings around here. My mom just gave me a new candle (Mulled Cider) scent. It smells yummy too. I've been rotating burning them and warming up our home with the lovely scents.
I'm not finished with the porch yet and am now even further behind on it since our precious little (BIG) 10 month old German Shepherd destroyed one of my scarecrows last night. His name is Banjo but maybe we should have named him Kujo. He's lucky we love and adore him, that's all I can say. He's rotten! I've just rambled on this afternoon, but my Fall Fever is almost cured. I just need to finish the porch and the Florida weather needs to cool down. See ya'll later!